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Buffy Between the Lines is now on permanent hiatus. But Between the Lines Studios is not!

Check out our current Audio Drama series – Angel Between the Lines (which takes place between Seasons 3 & 4 of Joss Whedon’s Angel.

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I’m just saying, thank you. So much.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us at the Podcast Awards. While it would be all kinds of shiny to get a trophy, I just wanted to let you know that everyone from Kim and I, to the voice actors, the editors, the writers and all people in between are just happy to have such loving and devoted fans like you.

Buffy Between the Lines has always been a lot bigger than I could have ever dreamed when we started back in 2007. Our merry band of about 11 people grew into a mighty army of 300+ people now working on Angel Between the Lines. Without those folks I think we would have given up a long time ago.

Make no mistake, we’d love an award, but the real satisfaction comes from all of you – the folks working on the podcast and the folks listening to the podcast. The comments, reviews, emails and voice mails you’ve sent in saying how we’ve “brought Buffy back” and how we’ve given you a moment of joy is really what Buffy Between the Lines is all about.

In the end, we’re fans of a little blonde slayer and her ragtag group of friends. That’s why we pour in the hours, time, money and effort to create this podcast. Because we’re fans who love this show. If you’re reading this, you’re part of the amazing experience these two years of Buffy Between the Lines has had. And that makes you pretty darn special.

And… if we don’t win, well we’re in good company with the actual TV show that should have received many Emmys, but never did.

Join us for the

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All 22 Category winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony!

So thanks again for voting for us. I know it’s a bit of a chore to do it every day, but you all were brilliant.

(Artwork by J. Scott Campbel)

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We’re so close to writing a post-Chosen (Season 7) episode of Buffy Between the Lines we can almost taste it. Or taste something. Did you leave the hot plate on again?

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BBtLS2Ep012 – Everyone Dies


by Tabitha Grace Smith

When dealing with the Hellmouth one can never be sure what will happen next, but there’s one truth that’s a constant no matter what happens – everyone dies. Angel’s time in hell is interrupted by a mysterious visitor, The Mayor keeps his word and, in the end, everyone dies.

Thanks so much to our special musical guests: Four Star Mary and Marian Call — the Bronze deserves your music always.

BBTLS2KENDRA – What About Kendra?

by Peter/userpjx

Into every generation a slayer dies, but what happens when they do? Follow the journey of Kendra’s training and becoming the slayer. And what happens when another slayer is gone.

BBTLS1SpEp011 – Special Commentary for The Powers that Be Know Best

Join Nuchtchas as she talks with Kim (executive producer), Paul Maki (Writer/Actor), Steve “The Beast” (Jeff), and Jose (Editor) as they discuss Episode 11 – The Powers that Be Know Best!

This episode was edited by Kinsey Swartz

BBtLS2 – Hiatus (We Died Twice)

Buffy Between the Lines is taking a break over the summer while the cast and crew work on Angel Between the Lines. We’ll be back in September to finish out season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines.

Make sure to be subscribed to email updates from Angel Between the Lines (coming this October).

Oh, and here’s what some of the cast and crew did on their summer vacation:


BBTLS2BLOOP3 – Blooper Episode!

This episode was edited by Laura ED and features bloopers from Episodes 6-10 (and the April Fool’s Minisode).

The producers would like to point out that comments made in this episode are not reflective on the opinions of Between the Lines Studios and we can’t advocate death threats against animate or inanimate objects.

Music featured is “Pipe Dreams” by Celtic Fusion.

BBtLS2APRIL – It’ll Never Happen in Los Angeles Script

Buffy Between the Lines presents a full PDF of our script for Season 2 Episode 010 – It’ll Never Happen in Los Angeles

by Tabitha Grace Smith

In this episode we learn why you should never underestimate the chicken, what a late night call from Spike sounds like, and some people get recast. What? You want more? Do you know how hard these episode descriptions are to write? Just listen to the episode and then you’ll know what it’s about. Seesh. I give and I give… and it’s NEVER enough for you people.


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Then, check out part 2!


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