BBTLS1Ep001 – Beginning at the End


Episode 1 – Beginning at the End – by Tabitha Grace Smith

Buffy is dead, the Scoobies are reeling from the battle with Glory and the fact that their beloved friend and fearless leader is gone is sinking in. Meanwhile, Doc re-appears at the end of the funeral and continues to make trouble.


Promos in this episode included:
Tales from the Verse
Strangely Literal
Undead America
After Serenity
Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland


  1. Sam says:

    This is really good!!!!
    & I must say the english accent (Giles) was AMAZING! (i know that Spike was played by a British person 🙂
    Laura you are fantabulous as Candyce!!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear the rest, you’ve all done a great job!
    Sam, UK.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much Sam!!!

    Kissy th’ Face,
    Tabitha Smith

  3. McQuinn says:

    This is freakin’ awesome. Well worth the wait! Kudos to those who worked on it, and many thanks for such an entertaining listen.

  4. Melissa says:

    I absolutely love this. I got into Buffy after it ended but this just leaves me wanting more and more Buffy.

  5. admin says:

    @McQuinn And thanks to you for listening!!

    @Melissa – thanks so much for your kind words. I too started Buffy after it ended, so I totally relate!

    Kissy th’ face!
    Tabitha Grace Smith

  6. Austin says:

    That was really great! Spike’s talking to Buffy’s grave actually got me a little teary eyed. This whole thing is so weird ’cause Buffy is dead and it just makes me want to go re-watch S6 just so I can reassure myself that she comes back, but I can’t wait for the next episode of this cause it’s new, it’s Buffy, and it might as well be cannon (in that it does not contradict cannon, I have my own little place for things that aren’t cannon but fit with cannon perfectly so they could be cannon – for example, Beer_Good’s Atonement’s A Bitch about Faith and her acceptance in S7)

    Anyways Great Work, Keep it Coming!!

  7. athenamuze says:

    Thanks Austin! And that music? Breathtaking. This has been an amazing project, we have been blessed to have so many wonderful contributors.

  8. kluu says:

    So far I’ll give you 3 out of 5 stars. Good but not yet great. I am hoping for the best though because I can detect the potential.

    Best: Tara and Dawn voice actors are superb. Spike and Xander’s are pretty good and at times Giles also. I think Giles slipped out of accent a few times though

    Needs work: Comedic timing is a special thing and so far it is hit or miss. Willow’s voce should be lower pitched.

    Anya’s banter is good but as stated before timing is off soemtimes. The over all banter betwen everyone needs work but that will come with practice.

    I hope you take my criticism as it is menat, to allow you to provide a better show. I do intend to keep listening.

  9. admin says:

    @Kluu thanks! We do appreciate constructive criticism! Most of those things are things we can work on, except for Willow’s voice – ‘cuz that’s just how our actress sounds.

  10. LannieRee says:

    I found myself needing to pause the cast (I downloaded it), to cry and laugh and gather myself before going on. If I had not paused it, I would miss truly wonderful lines and plot. What this says to me is you guys have made a podcast that was not fantastic in one single line or moment (though I have my favorites of both) but on the whole . Congratulations to all of you. Thank you for you time and energy in bring this art to Buffy fans.

  11. Tranquillity says:

    that was sooooo good! congratulations to all involved. Xander’s voice is just freakily accurate – are you sure its not really nic brendon moonlighting as an audio drama actor? You’ve created some really nice dialogue and banter between the remaining scoobies and Anya’s lines are terrific. love the in-house refrences. You guys rock.


  12. Katie says:

    wow…. xander sounds like…. xander. pretty impressive.
    love the references…. like a real episode!!!

    FOREVER live buffy!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan Egnet says:

    Downloaded it to iTunes. Thought that it was great. Props to the actors doing Xander and Dawns voices they are dead on. On a whole I think that Spike (just like the show) is my favorite character. His lines were great and he was funny, the voice acting is also tremendous for him. This is a really great thing that you all are doing here and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks

  14. Joi says:

    That was great! Thought Anya, Spike, and Xander were especially good. And special props to whoever wrote the dialogue!

  15. ktb1356 says:

    Brilliant! Thanks to everyone involved for bringing my fave TV show back! You all did a wonderful job. *applause* It was well written and well presented, and kudos to the voice actors for a fantastic job. You definitely have me looking forward to episode 2!

    About the only thing I didn’t like were the commercials. They broke the flow and really took me out of the story/atmosphere you so expertly crafted.

    Overall, big thumbs up. Cast and crew totally rock!!! I’m anxiously awaiting more, which begs the question, is this a weekly endeavor? Please tell me it’s not monthly! I’ll die!

  16. admin says:

    @ktb1356 Not weekly, but not monthly either. You’ll get SOMETHING every week. But episodes will be every other week. So no dying…. just half-death!

    @Joi Thanks, I wrote this episode and it’s fun to write Jossy dialogue. Anya thanks you too, she’d ask for money for your compliment if I let her.

    @Ryan Major props to my co-producer (AthenaMuze) she wrote Spike’s scene at the graveyard. And major props to Spike… he does a great job!

    @Katie Yay for Buffy! But, she’s kind of dead at the moment. Anya’s looking for something on ebay apparently.

    @Tranquility as Xander said recently Anya gets all of the good lines. She agrees.

    @LannieRee Awwh thank you. I hope it’s not too egotistical if I say that I wrote the episode, I produced the episode, but once I heard it put together with the music, the acting…. it made me cry too.

  17. SteveP says:

    Very, very, VERY well done. Thank you!

  18. Dawn says:

    Hi everyone. Great first episode. You have all got the characters individualisms there, that was interesting and a pleasure to listen to.

    Like the Andrew sub-plot, also the foreshadowing about moving to Scotland. As a Scot I always get excited when the home country is mentioned (you could imagine my excitement in reading the first issue of the comic).

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next episode.

    Yay Buffy.

  19. P.G. Holyfield says:

    Great job, everyone! The voice acting was great. The story was an excellent transition between the end of S5 and the action that will surely follow. I did find myself confused between Willow and Tara’s voice until a name was stated. I’m sure I’ll get used to the voices after a few eps. Xander, as stated, was spot on.

    A suggestion: use sound cues as transitions (one sound or short music clip between scenes and a different one as as you go to commercial). The lack of transition caused confusion for me (like the switch to Spike before the funeral).

    In fact, when Christiana showed up at the end I was trying to figure out if it was part of the show or a commercial for her next project. 😉

    But other than that minor quibble, I loved it!

    Can’t wait for ep. 2!

  20. userpjx says:

    I’m pretty impressed. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I linked off whedonesque and was quite pleasantly surprised. Tara’s voice is especially accurate.

  21. Alyrenee says:

    Great job everyone…it was so exciting to hear it all in action!

    Here are my comments:

    I gotta agree about the commercials being a little too much…like maybe one per show or something.

    I especially loved Xander,Tara, Spike, Andrew, Giles, and Dawn…they were perfect…as was everyone else but these folks get special kudos!

    I would make any underscoring music/sound effects in garageband not use the “ducking” option…jkust set the level manually…it was weird how the crickets kept getting louder and softer…if they were a constant tone it would be less distracting.

    The music was fabulous…but I would have loved tiny bumpers between the scenes for clarity sake.

    I also thought there was a bit too much “air” between some of the lines…a couple of times i thought I had unplugged my headphones. Tighter is always better I think. JMHO.

    But really it was a great episode and I look forward to many more.

  22. Vanamonde says:

    Well I enjoyed the first episode, but the promos were really intrusive. I would suggest sticking them at the beginning or at the end of the episode as it really spoilt the flow of the story.

  23. Corey says:

    Hello All,
    I began watching Buffy season 1 Episode one, I have seen all the episodes most multiple times. I don’t claim to be an expert but I am a big fan and have been since day 1. That being said I can’t get over how well you and yours captured the buffyverse. The tempo, scripting, humor and overall feeling of the show was spot on. It wasn’t a fanfic years late it felt like an ep of Buffy during the run. You truly did an amazing job and I am so looking forward to the rest of the season. Thank you for keeping the buffyverse alive.

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  25. Urox says:

    Your Xander is excellent. There are only a couple times where I can tell it isn’t Nicholas Brendan.
    Your Willow needs improvement. I can hear a southern drawl in the voice and the speaking is too slow.

    Sound equalization needs to be done. The volume was painful to ears at some points and the voices couldn’t even be heard at other points.

  26. Spikez_tart says:

    Great production – loved all the characters.

  27. Shelby says:

    Totally awesome!!!! As people have commented already, the voices really are dead on! Especially for Spike, Xander, and Dawn!! I love the story line, the jokes, the banter, the effects! Love it, totally awesome!

  28. Kyle Schirmer says:

    is there a way to have this all sent to me on a different file type. or could you guys publish this so that zune software can read it too?

  29. Shannon McGee says:

    Interesting. I like it. This the first time i have been introduced to fanfiction podcast. I enjoyed the first episode. I would to see you guys the time between season 7 and season 8 too.

  30. athenamuze says:

    Kyle, we have been working on it! Check the site for Zune links.

  31. Buffy Between the Lines says:

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  32. Josh says:

    First time listener here, just found you guys through Chooch & Viv’s CoH Podcast. I was super excited when I heard your promo and your first episode did not disappoint. Someone way above commented saying that they got a little teary eyed when Spike was talking at Buffy’s grave… well so did I lol. So far you’ve all done a great job. There were some hiccups but I will keep any suggestions to myself for now because I’m so far behind! lol
    You’ve made a lost and sad Buffy fan very happy! 😀

  33. Robyn L says:

    Man, these are really good, i just found out about them, Giles sounds fantastic, some words he honestly sounds exactly like Antony Stewart Head. I’m officially hooked!

  34. Leah says:

    The girl who plays Willow sounds more like season 7’s potential slayer Eve…. Reading the script is easier for me, I do like the plot lines you guys have. Joss would be proud.

  35. jamu says:

    On Paleyfest the guy pronounced tara the ways you guys did and Amber Benson corrected him that’s all I was saying

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