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Episode 2 – Requiem for a Demon – Paula Rada & Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Willow goes to LA to visit Angel and deliver the awful news of Buffy’s death. Back in Sunnydale, girls are being killed one by one from Tara’s choir. While Willow helps the Angel Investigation team fight a strange demon, Tara and the rest of the Scoobies are determined to find out the reason behind the unusual deaths.


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  1. Joi says:

    Good episode (but needs more Spike!), and the voice for Fred was excellent!

  2. admin says:

    @Joi – thanks for the comment! Don’t worry Spike’s gonna get a lot of screen (?) time coming up! Glad you liked Fred!

  3. Alexa says:

    I absolutely loved this! Thank you guys so much for bringing back my all time fave show! I loved the whole cast of actors but I think Tara and Spike especially have been my all time favorites to hear right now. They are absolutely wonderful! I thought Candice (sp?) was very funny too. Keep up the GREAT work! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  4. admin says:

    @Alexa Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the episode! The character’s name is Candyce (which we named after a fan of BBTL) and we will keep it up!! As long as people keep listening and letting us know how much they enjoy the show – we’ll keep doing it!

  5. luvs_bitca says:

    This is officially the best thing EVER! Everybody rocks and all the actors bring something special to the episodes. Though I do have to say that the voice actors for Tara, Anya, and Spike are really rocking it! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more in the future.

  6. admin says:

    @luvs_bitca AWESOME screenname. And thanks for the praise. We love being the best thing ever! Tara, Anya and Spike thank you too – though Anya keeps insisting I tell people that cash is a great way to say thank you. Ignore her.

  7. WT4ever says:

    Ok. So I was a bit reluctant to listen to this when the first episode rolled around so i decided to wait and listen to the first two episodes back to back and decide then. I’ve finally listened to both and have to say that everyone involved in this deserves good things for years to come, just for making my whole damn year a whole lot better! I gotta say that the voice actor for Tara was WONDERFUL! Anya as well was just hilarious and Xander sounds so much like Nick Brendon that it’s kind of scary. No more reluctance on my part, I am officially a fan and will listen to every upcoming episode!

  8. admin says:

    @WT4ever I’m so glad we’re helping to make your year better. Creating this really has made my year better too.

  9. Jessica says:

    Alright so Cliss (who plays Tara) forced me to listen to the first episode while we were working one day but now I don’t need any forcing at all. I recently got into BtVS (again, thanx to Cliss) and just finished watching S5 so this thing came out at the right time! I am definitely going to keep on listening to this! BTW…Cliss you were awesome and Anya was great too! I want my Spike fix though…oh and you were right chica that Candyce girl is way funny!

  10. admin says:

    @Jessica Yay for Cliss forcing Buffy on you, so you can join in the awesome that is BtVS. There’ll be a lot more Spike VERY soon.

  11. Lannie Ree says:

    It is like watching a Buffy episode with my ears!

  12. admin says:

    @Lannie Ree you win for coolest comment that made me go – wha? Oh AWESOME!

  13. Dave says:

    just gotta say that you all are insane -in the best way- for doing this. It’s obvious that everyone working on this project loves what they’re doing and have no problems working their asses off to give us fans something new and wonderful to enjoy. the cast is excellent and the writing is so on point with what a real buffy episode would be like. and unlike other people i actually enjoyed the commercials, they have introduced me to many more amazing podcasts i now listen to. thank you for sharing with all us fans your insanity and love towards this project.

  14. Ryan E. says:

    This episode was even better than the first. I found it to me much tighter and easier to visualize. You can quote me on the following. “Buffy Between the Lines is hands down the best non-canon Buffy experience ever created.” I will stand by this statement. I have tried reading some Buffy books and comics (excluding season 8 which is canon and awesome) but they just don’t feel like Joss. I think that Joss would be both proud and honored at what you have done. Keep up the good work my friends.
    P.S. Tabz, your Anya is awesome and hilarious. I think you may have had the stand out performance in this episode.

  15. Judith says:

    I love it! Willow, Fred, and Tara are the best! Angel was good too and Cordelia was bitchy…which of course is great!

  16. Judith says:

    forgot to say….wesley was excellent too. very funny! basically the whole LA group was fantastic, and of course the scoobies were too

  17. Liz says:

    The first episode was a great emotional set-up for all the characters, but I loved how this one felt like a real episode. (And it totally did, by the way.) I was actually upset when I had to stop halfway through to leave for the night 😉

    I’m still completely bummed that I didn’t send in my audition for Fred (I didn’t really have a microphone except for the crappy built-in one on my speaker) but it sounds like you found the perfect voice for her. If you ever decide to do “Angel Between the Lines”, though, you can bet I will rush out and get a mic just for it 😀

    (P.S. I’m definitely glad you put in transition music between the scenes, but I might suggest something without lyrics. It’ll sound cleaner.)

  18. Asher says:

    Excellent episode. When will you release the BBTL soundtrack?

  19. Jeff says:

    Very well done! All the voices are excellent, and the writing is fantastic.

  20. Brianne says:

    I just love the podcasts, very creative. Can’t wait to see what happens next


  21. Austin says:

    Loved The Episode! Excellent job with the “foreshadowing” and the escalation of Willow’s Dark Power. (“Black is so not your color!”:D)

    Question: What is the best way we can voice our support for the show? You said you would keep going as long as people support it so tell us how!

    Also do you have a rough number of how many listeners you have? It would be cool to have like a graph of listeners for each ep so we can watch as it becomes fantastically popular.

  22. Austin says:

    Oh Yeah, You should have some sort of Grr Arg type thing at the very end.

  23. CJay says:

    your job is so great! I’m french and I found your website by whedon info. It’s incredible how the voices are like in the show! I love Xand and tara! So thx for this episode, fans like you help keeping this great show alive, congratulations.

  24. Matty says:

    Sorry for the capitol letters but I just have to say that this epsidoe was absolutly awesome!!! You’ve got all the characters right and it’s like watching an episode. I love the fact that you gave the spotlight to Tara in this episode I think in sixth season we got to see here become stronger because she had to leave Willow but you show that strength while they are together wich is cool. And Willow going to the Angel investigation crew was the uber cool I almost drowned in my drool once she got there I thought how they played it in Angel with Willow just standing there heartbroken was such a powerfull scene but to see her interaction with the crew was so wonderfull. Orpheaus has always been one of my favorite episodes of Angel and this episode reminded me a lot of it thank you guys for a great and wonderfull job.

  25. Amberholic says:

    I absolutely positively LOVED this! Each and every one of the actors completely naiedl their respective roles! I never feel like any of the voices aren’t really the actual characters. All of the quirks and speech patterns are there and it’s as if I am watching, or rather listening, to an actual episode of the show. I can totally picture all the scenes in my mind. Great work!

  26. Corey says:

    Thank you for a very solid second episode. Keep it up I am waiting for #3 to get here. Once again great writing and voice acting

  27. lilred26x says:

    Thanks for another enjoyable episode!

  28. Urox says:

    Sorry guys, but I can’t listen to any more. Not until your biggest problem is fixed which is the sound balance levels. It really hurts my ears and it is a balance between that or missing some of the dialogue.
    I do have some comments for your future episodes other than the sound:
    Timing: The first wasn’t quick enough with the quips. That doesn’t mean speak on top of each other like in this episode, but the timing was much better. Try to find that sweet spot.
    Williow: still drawling, still speaking too slowly. This needs to be improved in her part.
    Moving between LA and Sunnydale: Try to only have 2-three moves in the episode. It’s annoying to be switching back and forth so much between them. Block the dialogue and scenes into longer segments in each location. Add some background noise that can be faded out so it is more obvious when there is a location change, even a locatoin change just in Sunnydale. This also leads back into the timing issue. When we hear the bell from the Magic Box ring, characters can start speaking immediately.. not after a long pause.
    Wesley: the voice actor should try holding his nose shut. Wesley has a much more nasal voice and I think it would dramatically improve the reading.

    I hope to hear buzzing rumours that the sound gets fixed because I’d really love to continue listening but my poor ears can’t take it.

  29. suzanne says:

    GREAT!!!! Each new episode is wonderful!!

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