BBtLS1SpEpTHANK – Reason to Be Thankful

Episode Thanksgiving Banner

Written by Tabitha Grace Smith

On a nightly patrol the scoobies get stuck and wander down memory lane. Beware of Regweligans.

Cast for this episode:

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the Announcer
Kim Butler as BuffyBot
MadxScientistx as Willow
Cliss (NegraDeAguas) as Tara
Brian Brown as Giles
Chris O as Xander
Tabitha Grace Smith as Anya
Nick Edwards as Spike
Paul Maki as Javert
and Viridian as Monica

Intro by JC Hutchins.

Promo for this episode: Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up and This Life.

California Song by Letters Burning
Buffy Between the Lines Theme by Beatnik Turtle
Overload by Beatnik Turtle


  1. Corey says:

    Love the Thanksgiving treat! Thank you for another very entertaining mini episode I can’t wait for the very special Christmas Slayage

  2. Volo says:

    Thanks as always for such fantastic stories. I’m wondering, though, is anyone else having a problem hearing Xander and Giles’ dialogue in this ep?

    Willow, Tara, Anya, Spike and the rest are at normal volume and crystal clear, but Xander and Giles (at least that’s who I guess it is) are very faint. Their parts just sound like garbley gaps in the conversation.


  3. Peter says:

    Hey guys. Pretty good for some kind of flashback episode. It felt a bit short and I was unfortunately left wanting. But that’s ok, because I just listened to some old ones. 😉

    So when is the next one coming out? 😛

  4. pirate chick says:

    Amazing job guys! And thanks so much for feeding the need that is more buffy. You are all VERY appricated!

  5. Josh says:

    Love the northridge reference lol. I live there…. 😛

  6. Xjubesx says:

    I just discovered you guys yesterday and I’m ecstatic that I did! I’m listening to the episodes one by one and loving what I hear. You guys are great! I am a huge Buffy fan and have been since they first premiered. You have now won me over as a fan to the site. Keep up the awesome work! I informed my flist of your site to share the love. You guys are so talented and are obviously BIG Buffy devotees. Keep up the awesome work.

  7. Tabz says:

    Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the episoe Xjubesx! Thanks for leaving us a note.

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