BBtLS1Ep004 – CTRL + ALT + DEL

by Emma Rawlin and Tabitha Grace Smith

BuffyBot takes her own personal look at our favorite characters and tries to fit into the Sunnydale world. Meanwhile Javert recruits some new help to continue his plans. The scoobies face one of their first challenges in taking care of Dawn and Spike faces some of his personal emotions regarding the loss of Buffy.

Intro by Steve from Geek Cred
Promos from JC Hutchins’ 7th Son & Mur Lafferty’s Heaven
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  1. Corey says:

    Oh for the love of god I have developed a problem with this show. I saw the new episode coming down into my iTunes and I actually let out loud YEA! oh lets be clear am a grown man with a wife and child and you made me squeal like a 13 year old girl. damn you all what have you turned me into. I can’t wait to listen on the way to work tonight, if I can wait that long.

  2. Rachel says:

    @ Corey- Glad you enjoyed it… mwahaha…. BBTL We have the power to turn grown men into teenage girls. 🙂

  3. Corey says:

    Got to listen on the way to work tonight and my initial reaction was correct. Great episode and definitely squeal worthy

  4. Peter says:

    Yeah, this was probably the best episode so far. With D’Hoffryn and BuffyBot how can you lose? Great to see more of Javert and good to see what became of Jinx. It seemed this episode had a lot more easter eggs than usual… or maybe I was just looking for them this time. 😛

  5. Mykal says:

    I got to say the episodes on the quality have been improving from episode to episode. Didn’t pay that much attention, but again the same with the show. I got to say that it is true to the beat. All my opions about the show are there, but you guys do better on the voice work then the show. Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t sound as good, but Sarah did better on getting the emotion and everything else the the delivery of her lines. The Buffy Bot( can’t remember who did the voice) sounds better then Sarah on voice acting.

    Now looking for the site I saw something that had me screaming in joy was Sugarshock behind the lines. PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS REAL! I got the same high as I do from egg nog from looking at the coming soon of that and Firefly.

  6. Spikez_tart says:

    Awesome. Love the Buffybot. and LOL at D’Hoffryn’s voice mail. Too funny. Everyone is terrific.

  7. NickV says:

    I love this episode! I recently re-watched Buffy season 5 and am currently re-watching Buffy season 6. This episode really made the Buffybot into a real character for me, whereas on the show she seemed often times to be comedic relief and at other times a plot device, getting to see the world from her perspective really made me sympathize with her and makes her untimely demise even more horrible. She actually reminded me a lot of April from ‘I Was Made To Love You’, her desire to please those around her and actually begin to form opinions and morals, amazing! You guys rock, thanks for bringing the Scoobies back!

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