BBtLS1Ep005 – She’s More Than That

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She’s More Than That
by Emma Rawlin

Spike continues to struggle to fit in with the Scoobies while the Scoobies attempt to fool Social Services and Javert moves closer to his goal.

Intro by Chris Lester from the Metamor City podcast

Murder on Avedon Hill
Hodgepodge Point


  1. Corey says:

    Good work all! I love Spike and Giles as fans of the creek I enjoyed hearing reference to zander’s affairs withe the mummy and the bug lady. It was an enjoyable character study of Spike and his state after Buffy died.

  2. Corey says:

    additionally slayer whipped may be my favorite new insult

  3. sootandstars says:

    Hey! I had to leave some praise for the writing for this episode. Several important issues are touched upon and handled delicately and with great care, without becoming to biased about one character’s perspective. There is some lovely filling in of the gaps such as how Spike’s crypt was furnished and Dawn’s Bug’s Life comment cracked me up lol. Also the Spike, Tara interaction was very welcome as the possibility of this was slightly lacking in the show. Emotionally resonant and greatly anticipated, thanks so much for this 🙂

  4. Tranquillity says:

    What a great episode! I’m a spike fan so i really enjoyed the look at how he coped after Buffy’s death. and loved the Spike/Dawn interaction. this is just how i always imagined it would be. particularly enjoyed the rich use of references to past and future events in Buffy – very Clever. Also thougth the Dawson’s Creek ref was truely excellent!
    keep up the good work.

  5. kluu says:

    I notice improvement with each epeisode. The folley work is getting better as is the pacing. Each of your actors sound more like their original counterparts as well. Your Spike an dGiles have had great improvments since the first epeisode. It almost sounds like you got Amber Beson and Michelle Trachtenberg to do Tara and Dawn’s parts.

    My only gripe is your Willow is still missing the slightly winey at times to strongly confident to playfully wicked nature of Allison Hannigan, though. Nothing against the actressreally, its jsut me. I don’t immediatly picture Willow when she speaks. I keep wondering who it is talking until I figure out the context.

    Fitting in al those implied moments that took place between season five and six seem to be spot on. going back to prevoious episodes I was wondering if you would have Angel and the fang gang show up. Maybe having Wesley, and Cordy pop into Sunnydale for something during the summer that ties in with the two shows…. Having Cordy and Anya going at it would be something to hear.

    The intersaction between Tara and Wilow and the growing worry that Tara is having of Willow’s ever greater spell use is great. It helps to explain the giant leap in Willow’s power and her ability to raise Buffy form the dead at the beginning of season 6. This si good writing.

    As a last thought, I/m cofused by the seasonal thoughts, isn’ t this all happening during the summer and they all know Buffy is alive again by the fall? So, why are some talking like Buffy is stiill gone… oh well poetic license I fuess.

  6. admin says:

    Yep, poetic license on the seasonal thoughts. Just like a lot of magazines and such start working on their Christmas articles in the summer – we figured if we were to ask the gang about Christmas during this time, this is what they’d say.

    Angel and the fang gang DID show up – in Ep 2. 🙂 When Willow went to tell Angel about Buffy. Now Angel is off to Tibet.

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