BBtLS1THOL – Tara’s Holiday Thoughts


Written and Performed by Cliss (NegraDeAguas)
Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith

“Lost Holiday” by Benjamin (Podsafe Music Network)


  1. Laura says:


    That was really good!. You know those Dawn Save me promos that were done for Season 6, well I could totally see that only with Tara. Like her being in the darker room with the candles lit. Telling her story with the music playing softly really adding to the mood.

    If I didn’t already love Tara, this would do it for me. So emotional and well done, like Tara has been and well I just needed to add that.

  2. Anthony says:

    merry meet ,The Buffyverse means more to me then any of you could imagine its my idead of a perfect world buffy is a goddess this podcasr is wonderful tou’ve given buffy back to me to us all i only hope joss takes the hint and gives us a movie or somthing in any case this wiccan gives you his thanks you’ve given us back just a small piece of The Slayer merry part and blessed be

  3. Anthony says:

    please forgive the typos

  4. Nick says:

    Cliss does an ace job, no doubt about it. Glad you’re enjoying it!


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