Tabz and Liane at ME Strike Day

Buffy Between the Lines cast member Liane (who plays Fred) and Tabz (who is the Joss.. plays Anya and a bunch of othe stuff) were able to make it to Mutant Enemy Strike Day on Dec 7th, 2007. Here they joined a group of 400 fans, writers and actors from their favorite Mutant Enemy shows.


Tabz and Liane:

In addition to showing their support for the WGA’s strike as Buffy Between the Lines has been doing, they got to meet their counterparts!

Here is Liane (Fred) and Amy Acker (Fred):

And Tabz (Joss) and Joss Whedon (Joss):


  1. Rachel says:

    Way too cute!!!! I heart the pics of Tabz and Joss and Liane and Amy

  2. Clay says:


    You should have eaten his brains while you had the chance. 😉


  3. Corey says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun and Amy Acker looks great! I am sure it was a great time and congrats on meeting THE MAN Tabz

  4. Tasha says:


    I would have died in your place! That’s so awesome.

  5. Grailwolf says:

    Oh, I am so insanely jealous! Good on you, though, for supporting the writers. And congrats on getting to meet the Jossy One. Loving the show so far, and I promise I didn’t forget about that bumper! It’ll be winging its way to you through the aether, as soon as I deal with a couple technical difficulties.
    Hurdy gur.

  6. Justin says:

    OOoh! That’s so cool!!!!!! I would of loved to meet them. That’s so cool. Oh I also wanted to give you this picture I’m giving to my all my friends:

    Just spreading a little holiday spirit lol 🙂

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