BBtLS1ANG – Angel Special Edition – What Happened to Angel?


What Happened to Angel?
by Tabitha Grace Smith

Angel reflects on the loss of his love.

Intro by Felicia Day, Vi the potential slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer S7

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard – Announcer
Angel – Clay Robeson
Willow – xMadxScientistx
Buffy – Kim Butler

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  1. Corey says:

    Great Job Clay, you were excellent in this minisode. If this is any indication I am definitely looking forward to Angel between the lines

  2. Grailwolf says:

    Overall, loving the show. It’s well-written, and the voice actors are great.

    Unfortunately, my geekness keeps stumbling over one thing that keeps being brought up.

    There is no indication that there was any sort of spell on Buffy’s grave that required a charm to penetrate. When the demons appeared in “Bargaining” they had no problem riding their motorcycles over the grave and chasing off the Scoobies with no charm required.

    I get that this is an attempt to explain why no one saw the grave and realized that Buffy was dead, but it’s important to realize that the grave wasn’t in the graveyard. It was way out in a clearing in the woods (remember they had to walk a long way back to town after the motorcycle demons attacked). But here she is buried in a graveyard in town, with money Joyce set aside for that purpose (the access and use of which would have been a very clear message to the world that Buffy was dead).

    However, that is really only one, small nitpick. The rest of the production in general, and this episode in particular, is just amazing. Thank you guys for continuing the Buffyverse in this way. You’ve definitely given this Whedonite something to look forward to.

  3. Anthony says:

    Powerful Beautiful Truly touching this episode brings me to tears every time I hear it
    it shows the great depth of their love for one another and how Angel maybe just a little bit more so then everyone else is lost without her with his love without Buffy…….. it shows how they are one no matter how much time has past and they always will be in the spirit of this i thought wouldn’t it be great to do an episode of when they come together again after she is brought back the meeeting that we did not get to see cuase im sure many of us are dyingto know what happend and maybe some episodes on the higher planes at peace sort of like what they did with cordy on Angel in season 6 Buffy mentions the higher planes and how she that willow brought her back but its to painful for her to mention an episode like this would be just beautiful and would really help to further inrich the story its self and im we would all love it as always great work and Blessed be…

  4. Anthony says:

    once again please please forgive my typos lol love ya guys…

  5. admin says:

    @Grailwolf Just keep listening my friend, we’re no Buffy geeks for nothing. 😉

  6. NickV says:

    What a wonderful episode! Clay really sounds like angel hear, he did a fantastic job of playing Angel’s quiet broodiness but also letting out the emotion that Angel must have been feeling visiting Buffy’s grave. Definitely a tear jerker. I love Buffy Between the Lines and it just keeps getting better. It has become my favorite thing to listen to, you guys are all doing an amazing job! I agree with Anthony, I think doing an episode to show us the never seen meeting between Angel and Buffy after she was brought back would be just…wow, monumental much? Yeah that would be a touching way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year for sure!

  7. Volo says:

    Buffy Between the Lines continues to amaze me with its awesome writing, acting and production–it’s so hard to believe this is a volunteer effort.

    As a new Buffy fan, I’m sure I miss a lot of references, but I just happened to watch “Faith, Hope and Trick” (for only the second time!) just before listening to the Angel minisode. That made Angel’s recollection of finding Buffy’s ring so much more vivid, and I am even more amazed at all the ways this ‘cast ties into the original series! Keep up the great work…

  8. Maíra says:

    OMG, guys!! Congratulations on the AMAZING work!!! I’m loving Buffy Between the Lines! The cast is perfect! Everyone has the voice incredibly similar to the real cast’s voice! Principally Anya, Xander, Tara and Spike. They sound exactly like the characters! Well done!
    And this minisode “What Happened to Angel” made me cry my eyes out! It was heartbreakingly beautiful! And the fact that you used the Bangel theme song made it feel like a true Buffy episode and added a lot of emotion to the “scene”. Oh, and by the way, loved the BBTL theme song! What’s the name of this song? It’ not listed on the credits. Anyway, keep up the great work! xD

  9. admin says:

    Thanks Maira!! 🙂 The song is simply the Buffy Between the Lines theme – the band “Beatnik Turtle” made it!

  10. Spike Lover says:

    I love this episode! You guys are great. Thanks for recreating the cast!

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