BBtLS1ANYA – The Magic Box Promo

Written by Liane.

┬áThe Magic Box’s radio commercial (with some help from Anya).


Announcer: Mark, the Encaffinated One

Anya: Tabitha Grace Smith



  1. suzanne says:

    Just found your site and love it all so far. My students love listening as well and laugh at me all the time!!

  2. Andrea says:

    hi! i found out about this recently at, surprisingly, a bar. one of the bartenders (who said she played Tara) overheard me and my friends talking about Buffy and she showed us this site and even let us listen to one of the episodes. i don’t really remember much after that (blush) but the day after, i found the website written on my arm! So give my thanks to Cliss for showing me this truly amazing project! all of you are doing a fantastic job! i cant wait for the next episode to come out

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