BBtLS1Ep005 – Feedback Episode!

Intro by Mur Lafferty


Joss’d Podcast

A Winter’s Tale featured on the podcast Radio Drama Revival

BuffySMGlover Text Interview with the BBtL Cast & Crew

Buffy/HP possible Audio Drama

Tabz and Kim on the PodioMedia Chat

Space Casey


  1. Anthony says:

    SPIKE SAID MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * faints*

  2. Anthony says:

    SPIKE SAID….??? HE KNOWS MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * faints

  3. Beatnik Turtle says:

    Thanks for the congrats about us completing TheSongOfTheDay! We appreciate it! Releasing 365 songs in 365 days was a huge challenge but it led to a lot of good music – like the Theme To Buffy Between The Lines!!! (D’oh, can we like our own song?!?)

    So what do we do with all the free time now that we’re done? Well, we’re releasing a song a week (we can’t stop writing songs!) and catching up on all the podcasts we listen to – like Buffy Between The Lines! Keep up the great work! We’re listening in Chicago!

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