Auditions for Season 2

auditions.jpgYou’ve asked. Here’s the dates.

Auditions for Season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines will be March 8 – 21st.

Keep checking back here for more information!

Who are we casting for? Oz, The Mayor, Harmony, Cordelia, Drusilla, Principal Snyder, Anthony Harris (Xander’s Dad), Jessica Harris (Xander’s Mom), Willy the Snitch, Lindsey, Lilah, Gwen Raiden, Amy Madison, Larry, Holland Manners, Pat, Riley Finn and many more.

Do you have questions about the audition process? Click here to see all of the FAQ so you can be prepared to audition.


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  1. jkalderash says:

    Yay! I’d been kicking myself for missing the first round of auditions.

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