BBTLS1Ep008 – The Other Half of Me


by Beth Nelson and Sue O’Donovan

Xander gets in touch with his feminine side after being mistaken for Spike by a demon. Meanwhile said demon seems to have something Javert needs.

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  1. Candyce says:

    Okay how much do I love Xander. Let me tell you ALOT!. I loved the first scene with Spike and Xander and about how Angel broods all the time.

    Anya screaming ROFLMAO!!!!! Its funny that the whole time Xander is a girl Im totally picturing him dressed in the frat clothes when the guys made him dress as a woman.

    And the line about Xander being an unattractive human and Tara kinda chimes in Your right (giggles* The dialoqgue as always amazing, so yes props to the writers here.

    Spike likes to play games. Aww Buffybot love.. Kim you rock the bot.

    Gosh I cant help it. Xanders woman voice is so very impressive. Xander owns this episode and he really took up the challenge and passed with flying colors. Thanks for being you Xander!

    Okay I will wrap this up. Spectacular episode, voices, writing and editing. Wonderful

  2. Tranquillity says:

    This was the funniest Episode yet! (particullarly if you have read BtVS Season eight #12. Extreme congratulations to ‘Xander’ for such a wonderful performance. Keep up the great work, you guys just keep getting better and better.

  3. suzanne says:

    Really great. I liked all the funny quotes! I like it when you go into the past, just like the shows did.

  4. Mainframe (Richard from Macon) says:

    Chris totally rocks as Xander – “You da man” (o.k. maybe not so much in this particular episode … anyway, great work).

  5. xjubesx says:

    So spot on as Xander! Loved the episode!

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