“Buffy Meant More Than Being All Quiet” – Episode 1 Review

[Editor’s Note: Present Memory has been writing reviews of BBtL on LiveJournal so I asked her (and she graciously agreed) if we could post them here for you guys to enjoy! – Tabz]

A Review of Episode 1 – Beginning at the End

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

We all know the beautiful sacrifice that Buffy Summers made to save her sister and the world. Her gift. She saved the world. A lot. But what happened after? What was the Scooby Gang busy with during those months without the Slayer? How about dealing with a menacing group of demon…bunnies?

Episode one of Buffy Between the Lines, “Beginning at the End,” does just that. Beginning directly Buffy’s death, the group begins to pick up the pieces, saying goodbye to their beloved friend and trying to make sense of the world without her.

But life on the Hellmouth waits for no one, and the Scoobies find themselves facing Doc, the demon who just won’t die, and a hoard of evil demon bunnies summoned by Andrew Wells (who was hiding safely in the closet.)

In just forty-five minutes, we’re given back story, answers to unanswered questions, a brand new character, and enough witty dialogue to fill the Joss shaped hole in all of our hearts.

What amazed me the most about this episode was all the groundwork that writer Tabitha Grace Smith was able to lay for future episodes. Not just for this awesome audio drama, but for the show as well. She showed us how lost Willow felt without her best friend, leading up to the spell which will bring the slayer back for Season Six. We got a glimpse of the nightmares that Spike spoke of, and a chance to see the inner turmoil of Rupert Giles through entries in his watcher diaries. And if you listen closely you might even catch a reference or two to the Buffy Season Eight comic series.

This show is a real treat for any Buffy fan that has been searching for more of their favorite slayer since the show ended its run in 2003. It’s already fantastic, and it’s only going to get better. The cast and crew deserve massive thanks for the enormous amount of effort and love they’ve put into bringing Buffy Between the Lines to life.

Quote of the Episode Award goes to:

Tara: We’re going to miss how you made us more. More than just—just friends. We’re family. Thanks for making us your family.

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