BBTLS1BLP2 – BBtL Bloopers Ep 2

Bloopers for Ep 6-10

Music Used:

Americas Funniest Bloopers by Nalts

Smacked 70s Style by Juan Sanchez

Captain Mal Renoylds by Possible Oscar

Original Music by Austin Wintory

Buffy Between the Lines Theme – Beatnik Turtle

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  1. Laura says:

    OMFG!!! I REALLY needed this. I LOVED this, I always love bloopers. I can totally see this. Aww cliss and her swearng, love. I like the bit in there where Xander is talking about the famous scream and yells and then is like just kiddin!. Then Cliss is like I need a drink.

    Gosh all priceless, it flows amazingly well.

    Thank you for all the mess ups! It just makes it that much more real!

    I have pushed the record button! *snorts*

    Awww i know I dont need to say it, but well Im going to. Everyone involved in this project just rock!

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