BBTLS1EP010 – Summers Women Should Never Celebrate Birthdays


by Emma Rawlin

Dawn’s birthday goes awry as she struggles with losing Buffy and trying to understand who she is. And things aren’t going well at Xander’s current construction site and he calls on the last person you’d think to help figure it out.

Intro by Brad Bowyer from the Geek Spin and Podculture

Promo: Scott Sigler’s Infected by J.C. Hutchins and Seth Harwood

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  1. Tranquillity says:

    Yay, another really great episode with lots of lovely Spike and Dawn goodness. I love the way you’ve written them Emma. the Spike and Xander scenes were really great too. But i really want to say that the stand out thing in this episode was the excellent sound effects. They seriously made me jump out of my skin on a number of occasions and created a fantastic mood to the piece. Oh, and I enjoyed the April fools day episode too, very funny.

  2. Corey says:

    Love a Spike heavy episode and the extra Xander torture by squeezing the voodoo doll. Great episode folks Keep up the excellent work

  3. spikez_tart says:

    Awesome ep – loved the Spike and Xander scenes and giving Spike the voodoo doll

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