BBTLS1Ep012 – A Slayer’s Job is Never Done

by Tabitha Grace Smith

The Scoobies are still on their search for Dawn while the foundations of the group fracture even more. The Navajo Spirits continue to watch and are troubled by Javert’s progress. Meanwhile, Dawn makes a plea that could lead to the end of the Scoobies as we know it. Oh, and there are kittens… Really.

Intro by Joel Postman of Socialized


J.C. Hutchins – 7th Son Obsidian

Can’t Stop the Serenity – Phantom Screenings

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  1. socialized » Oh, the places you will go! says:

    […] because sometimes I get to do things I would never otherwise have been asked to do, like promo the latest episode on Buffy Between the Lines, one of the web’s top Buffy the Vampire fan […]

  2. Lisa T. says:

    “It’s no Cardiff when it comes to mystical energy, but for some reason it has a power unto it’s own.”

    Hee! Awesome end to an awesome Season 1! I can’t believe S1 is over already, but am excitedly anticipating season 2!!

    ~ Lisa T.

  3. suziqb77 says:

    That was a great episode!! Brian cracks me up!!! I love the bloopers that are always at the end!

  4. Corey says:

    Excellent episode and a great wrap up to an amazing season. Also may I add WOO HOO Buffybot way to finish it off

  5. Tranquillity says:

    I also say Woo HOO Buffy Bot! Love how you bought the last ep right into the beginning of ‘Bargaining’ – very clever, and … complete. Congratulations on a great season! I’ve enjoyed each and every episode and look forward your next season.
    cheers 🙂

  6. Laura says:

    Awww, I know Im a little late getting here and listening to it. But I knew I was going to get here eventually. It has been great getting to meet all the awesome cast members, crew members and everyone involved in this. Its been an amazing season 1 and so much hard work went into it!. Looking forward to season 2.

    This was an amazing wrap up. Gotta give a hug to Andrew hearing that line again about Candyce and the luke and laia line aww Andrew.

    Hooray to Buffybot!. I think the buffybot definatly has been a favorite part for me for this season. Myself and my friend we always use to talk about the “stupid demon biker guys” for wrecking the buffybot. We just loved her. You have done an amazing job making the buffybot really something more.

    I really liked the conversation between Anya and Tara ^_^. Theres sensitive, then theres just stupid.

    Great job everyone!

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