“Think about it.” Episode 7 Review

A Review of Episode 7 – Fractures, Frogs & Fuzzy Sweaters

In the wake of their first loss following Buffy, the Scoobies seem shaken. None more so than the gang’s newly appointed leader, Willow. In the latest episode, “Fractures, Frogs and Fuzzy Sweaters,” we watch as she continues to delve into magicks that are growing steadily blacker. Meanwhile the Trio accidentally unleashes a plague of frogs onto the town of Sunnydale.

But this episode isn’t just magic bones and funny frog fears. There’s something dark running below the surface. Willow’s magick addiction has taken a hold of her. And people are noticing. While her friends may still tiptoe around the subject, there’s one individual who certainly won’t hold his tongue. The confrontation between Spike and Willow is heated. And Spike’s vehement concern for Dawn’s safety is heartfelt and sincere.

And in a rather shocking turn of events, we also learn that it was in fact Xander who first broached the subject of bringing Buffy back. “Chapter 60, onwards.” He says quietly to Willow while she lies in bed, stunned. “Think about it.” Well, I certainly will.

We all know what a huge project Buffy Between the Lines is, made particularly more difficult by the time frame of season one. Buffy’s season six is most notably the darkest of the series. So to preface that, can’t exactly be a walk in the park. So far through the show’s seven episodes, this extremely talented team of writers has managed to bridge the gap between seasons five and six; continuing and building relationships, foreshadowing, and throwing in a few surprise twists. And they deserve huge thanks and recognition for all their hard work and skill. If these crazy kids can do this much with season one, I most certainly can’t wait to see what they come up with for season two!

Quote of the Episode Award goes to:

Andrew: Ever since Candyce died, I…I mean, It’s like Luke was abandoned by his Leia. It’s like Mulder with no Sculley. J.D. without a Dr. Cox. I’m a broken man, I tell you! I’m broken and aimless without, without aim!

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