“We’re on thin ice here, and it’s not getting any thicker.” Ep 11 Review.

A Review of Episode 11 – Oldies Night

Time is running out for the Scoobies. Dawn is missing, Javert moves his final pieces into play, the BuffyBot is on the fritz, and men are turning up dead all over Sunnydale. Not to mention that Willow, Xander, Anya, and Tara are stretched to breaking point with worries about resurrecting Buffy. The moment of truth draws closer. Will the scoobs be able pull it all off?

Paving the way for BBTL’s final season one episode, Beer Good Foamy holds the pen responsible for Episode 11, Oldies Night. Filled with BGF’s trademark snappy dialogue (and one or two Angel jokes.) this episode is just another example of how awesome BBtL really is.

Dawn does some unexpected Bonding with Javert, the scoobies find themselves facing off against a man-hating vampire named Elizabeth, who is ripping her way through the citizens of Sunnydale. Even with everything coming up Doomsday in the background, I thought that this episode was an excellent look into Dawn’s character. Most fans would agree that Dawn Summers isn’t exactly the most beloved character in Buffy’s world. Yes, she can be annoying. Yes, she can be whiny. But in a touching scene, we get to see a bit of the inner turmoil that Dawn works her hardest to hide from those around her. She’s feeling lost and abandoned, and that’s never good when there’s a destruction seeking vampire in the neighborhood.

As Dawn lies sleeping on Javert’s couch, the rest of us are left to anxiously await the finale of season one. Who’ll live, who’ll die, and just how on Earth are the Scoobies going to keep California from becoming the next Atlantis?

Quote of the Episode Award goes to:

Rich: Dude, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. She looks pissed. I bet she’s one of those feminimy…fenemin…pfft, lesbians.

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  1. Mike says:

    Yeah, MIKE said that line, not Rich! 😀

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