Meet the Cast & Crew of Buffy Between the Lines This Summer!


Saturday, July 26th

5:30pm – Rock Bottom

Click here for Details.

New Media Expo

Thursday to Saturday, August 14 – 16
(Emma, Tabz, Clinton/The Mayor and Paul Maki/Javert)


Thursday to Monday, August 28 to Sept 1st

How Far Is Too Far: The Ethics & Appropriateness of Apocalyptic Media

8/29/08 5:30PM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

The apocalypse has always been a popular theme in movies, television, and literature. But do the creators of the media take the ideas too far? Join us as we discuss the issue from different viewpoints.

Podcasting UN

8/29/08 5:30 PM at the Podcasting Track (tvindy/Jinx)
Come and join podcasters from around the world for a discussion on how podcasting issues and from other countries their way of doing a show.

Buffy Between The Lines LIVE

8/30/08 2:30 PM at the Podcasting Track
A special live episode of Buffy Between the Lines recorded LIVE in front a ‘real’ audience!

Podcasting on a Budget

8/30/08 4:00 PM at the Podcasting Track (Kim, Tabz)
Learn how to create and host a podcast without tons of expensive and fancy equipment, but still with decent quality.

The Art of Writing for Audio

8/31/08 10:00 AM (Writers: Sue & Beth)
Come and listen to some of the leading audio/podcasting writers talk about the craft of writing effectively for audio and video podcasting.


8/31/08 11:30 AM at the Podcasting Track (Kim, Emma Tabz)
The hosts and producers of some of the most popular podcasts about things people go ‘fanboy’ or ‘fangirl’ for talk about the issues and ways to keep an audience happy.

My God Is Smitier Than Your God: The Apocalypse In Theology & Mythology

9/1/08 10:00 AM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

From the Book of Revelations to Ragnarok, the concept of the end of days is a major theme in religion and mythology. Come join us as we look at the different religious views of apocalypse around the world, and compare their similarities and differences.

Meet Mr. Smith: An Hour With Sean Astin (Will be held in Regency VI – VII)

9/1/08 11:30 AM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

Crazy? Prophet? Come join Sean Astin as he reminisces about his days post hobbits and elves on the popular post-apocalyptic TV show Jeremiah, and shares his thoughts on his character, the mysterious Mr. Smith.


  1. suziqb77 says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Javert says:

    I’ll be at NME too!

  3. Sue says:

    Really looking forward to Dragon*Con!

  4. Tasha says:

    Man, I’m only gonna be at Comic-Con Thursday and Friday… ):

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