BBtL Podcasters Make the Finalists at the Parsecs!

Congrats to everyone (not us) who made it to the finalists round. Even though Buffy Between the Lines didn’t MAKE it to the finalist for audio drama – some of the podcasters who work on Buffy Between the Lines were nominated! So yay them!

Brad Bowyer – The GeekSpin (Nominated for best Fan Podcast, Best Infotainment) and Podculture (Best Infotainment, Best News)

Kevin Cummings – Short Cummings Audio (best comedy)

Clay Robeson – Moron Life: The Vaudcast (Sketch Comedy) (for best Video Podcast)

Kevin Bachelder – The Signal (Best fan podcast, Best Infotainment) and The ScapeCast (Writing)

Mark the Encaffeinated One – The Weird Show (Best Infotainment)

Chooch & VI – CoH Podcast (Best Gaming)

Plus BBtL’s own Dark Overlord, Scott Sigler, is up for a bajillion different ones. Go Scott!
And our very good friends over at The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd are up for best Audio Drama Long Form (Darn you Dr. Steve!)

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