Episode One: Proceed As Planned Review: “Without impending doom, we’re really boring.”

Lights! Camera! Action!

Okay, so there probably weren’t any lights, there definitely weren’t any cameras, and the action quota was unusually low. But rejoice! For Buffy Between the Lines is back! Returning for a much anticipated second season, BBTL takes us back to a simpler time of studying for exams, nights out at the Bronze, and demon monkeys attacking the school play. Ah, high school.

Picking up where season two left off (sans the depressing Sarah McLachlan music.) “Proceed As Planned” wastes no time in catching us up with the characters we know and love. His brief alliance with Buffy now over, Spike heads to South America with an unhappy Drusilla. Distraught after killing Angel, and unable to return home, Buffy heads to L.A. Meanwhile, the remnants of the Scooby gang, Willow, Xander, Giles, Oz, and Cordelia are left in Sunnydale, wondering if they can go back to just being normal. And tucked away in the gleaming offices of Wolfram & Hart, Holland Manners sets plans in motion to bring Angel back into the game.

The cast and crew came out swinging with an opener that should make lesser audio dramas cry out for someone maternal. While not as emotionally charged at season one’s grief stricken premiere, the episode wove all its plotlines together seamlessly with snappy dialogue worthy of Whedon. It was smart, fun, and over much too quickly. We also got the added bonus of some great new voices with Cordelia, Drusilla, and Oz, who were captured wonderfully by Lisa, Emma, and Sam. And if you listen real closely, you might just notice a little Four Star Mary, the band that leant its music to Oz’s band, Dingoes Ate My Baby.

The team has obviously grown (just listen to Tabz rattle off that list of editors!) and they’re working harder than ever to make sure that season two is everything its predecessor was, and more. Make sure to show them your support by leaving feedback, reviews, and spreading the Between the Lines love.

Quote of the Episode Award:

Oz: When I start using more words than you, be afraid.

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