BBTLS2DCON – It’ll Never Happen at DragonCon

Some of the Cast/Crew of BBtL (we never could corral them all into the same picture)

(L to R First Row Kneeling: Clinton [The Mayor], Kinsey [Jinx] Kevin Bachelder [The Narrator], Larissa [Mrs. Rosenberg], Rachel [Con Goer], Ginger Campbell [Reporter], Suzi [Con Goer])

(L to R Second Row: David Moore [Con Goer] & Berengaria [Reporter])

(L to R Third Row: P. Bing [Lilah], Brian Brown [Giles], Tabz [Anya], Kim [Buffy], Emma [Drusilla], Cliss [Tara], Mad [Willow], Kim/ComicBookGoddess [Reporter])

(L to R Back Row: Clay [Angel] & Lisa T. [Cordelia])

Intro Bumper by Shua Mullikin of the Anatomy of Fear Podcast Novel

Podcast Disclaimer by Nobilis of the Nobilis Erotica podcast

This episode was written by Tabitha Grace Smith and performed live at DragonCon 2008 in the Podcasting Track.

Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith

Featuring Special Guest Crystal

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  1. athenamuze says:

    Wow, look at that thing! Is it a wombat?

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