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We’re happy to let our listeners know about a really awesome interview with Austin about his work composing for films. Here’s a taste:

Since you’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, both in size and scope, the inevitable question of budgets and size of orchestras become relevant… how have you had to adapt your writing style to accommodate these restrictions?

I try to be a purist and just watch a movie without bearing in mind the restrictions, then trying to figure out a way to score it how I want later. But obviously that’s majorly idealistic. I remember reading a Mark Isham interview years ago where he talked about scoring a film with budget enough for 13 players, but the film had been temped with Basic Instinct. I’ve definitely gone down that road myself and I think it actually, like with flOw, can produce really interesting results. My goal with those projects is to dive head-in to the budget shortage, and really write a score that would feel somehow wrong if done on a bigger scale. Case in point, I just finished a film called Grace where we recorded 8 bass and contrabass clarinets at Abbey Road, and it came out awesome! It was surreal to hear so many of those beasts together…[Play “5m21” from Grace]

For more of the interview with Austin check out:

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