BBTLSonny – BBtL Special Episode for Sonny Rhodes

Promo Read by: Scott McCoy

We as Browncoats and Whedon fans are known for rallying to help those in need. Because of Browncoats we’ve been able to donate thousands to “Kids Need to Read” and “Equality Now”. Buffy fans have helped “Make a Wish” with their yearly Buffy marathon. Now, Sonny needs our help.

Currently this piece of Firefly’s history, Sonny Rhodes, is facing a financial hardship. Being too sick to work has drained his personal finances and to help this great bluesman his friends have decided to start a relief fund for the months that Sonny will be laid up recovering from these surgeries. While a majority of Sonny’s medical will be paid by insurance but not all expenses will be covered.

Buffy Between the Lines wants to help out, so we’re doing a special episode that will -only- be available to those who donate to Sonny via his paypal button. We’re not collecting the funds ourselves, but we would like you to head over to Sonny’s Myspace page at

Donate whatever you can to help out. Every little bit helps in these tough times. Once you’ve donated, send us an email at Buffy BetweentheLines at gmail dot com. Also include your Paypal transaction number or some proof of your donation. Add the Subject line “for Sonny”.

We’ll be sending everyone who participates and sends us an email a link to a special episode on April 1st, 2009. This episode will not appear anywhere else, and is only available to those listeners who donate to help Sonny out.

We’re also going to give away some special goodies to randomly chosen entries. We have some Buffy Between the Lines schwag, Buffy Season 8 posters and other things we’ll send to the lucky winners. So please help us help a friend.

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