Special Episode for Sonny – The Secret Lives of Reavers

A couple months ago we were saddened to hear the state of affairs for one of Firefly’s living legends: Sonny Rhodes, who masterfully sang the title theme song that we know and love. Fans rallied to support Sonny, offering donations out of their own pocket to help him as he went through some health issues that were preventing him from working.

Between the Lines Studios and our fans wanted to help Sonny out. So we offered a special episode JUST for people who donated on Sonny’s Myspace page. This special episode is being sent off on April 1st, but there’s still time for you to get the episode.

In this episode BtLS examines the Secret Lives of Reavers, giving you a unique story from the Firefly universe that you won’t be able to hear anywhere else.

If you donated to Sonny make sure to send us an email at betweenthelinestudios.com with your paypal transaction # or proof of donation.
If you haven’t made a donation yet you can do so at Sonny’s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sonnystorch

Not only will you be given this special episode, but you’ll be put in a drawing for some great Whedon schwag including Buffy Between the Lines limited edition posters, a terrifying space monkey, comics and more!

Thanks to all of you who keep the ‘Verse going.

Buffy Between the Lines Featured on Playtime Magazine

There’s a really nice writeup/review of Buffy Between the Lines on Playtime Magazine:

Fanfiction has always been a dirty word.  Maybe because a lot of fanfiction is actually very dirty.  Maybe because a lot of it is complete rubbish.  Let’s face it: as much as Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans love the show, it’s always been a bit of a leap to go from Joss Whedon’s snappy, witty and smartly written TV drama to a format generally believed to be badly written, hurried, ill-conceived and generally very poor.  Actually it’s a bit of a leap for most to go from Whedon’s series to any related Buffyverse tales, whether in story or comic book form.  Those that don’t, though, are starting to seriously miss out.  When I first heard that a group of Buffy fans from the fanfiction community had gotten together to produce a Buffy radio drama I couldn’t contain my laughter.  With the best will in the world, how could a bunch of amateurs hope to pull off something remotely credible, let alone worthwhile?  None of the original cast, no established scriptwriters and not even a proper soundstudio.  “Very quaint,” I thought, and promptly tuned in for comedy value.

Twelve episodes later, I’m on the brink of writing to Whedon, begging him to canonise the series and to give the team money and a proper studio to produce an official radio drama that would, undoubtedly, sell like hotcakes and be a worthy jewel in the Buffy crown.  Not for my benefit, mind, as I’m now open-minded enough to head on over to the Buffy Between the Lines website and have my fill of this excellent show for free, but for those out there who are too driven by traditional media to give this a chance, thinking that something can only be worthy if they’ve succumbed to the marketing and paid for it.  Let us instantly revise our swift categorisation of fanfiction as complete rubbish, then: Buffy Between the Lines (BBtL) is an essential item on any Buffy fan’s agenda, combining all the hilarious wit and humour alongside tense, involving drama and fascinating characterisation of Whedon’s original series.  In short, it’s a superbly written triumph that’s beautifully acted across the board by its cast of amateur Buffy aficionados.

To read the rest of the review click here.
To read an interview with Kim and I also on Playtime Magazine click here.

BBtLS2Ep010 – I Am Larry

episodebanners02ep10by Laura Deal

After being confronted (accidentally) by Xander, Larry explores his sexuality while saving the world. Once. Meanwhile, Spike and Drusilla’s trip continues down it’s downward spiral and Cordelia begins her trip home.

Intro: James Marsters

Promos for this Episode:

The FarPoint Recap

Wander Radio

Music Composed by Moses Lei

Warning: This episode may contain languge that is offensive to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

BBtLS2Ep009 – The Bartender Always Pours Twice Script

ep009_btlBuffy Between the Lines presents a full PDF of our script for Season 2 Episode 009 – The Bartender Always Pours Twice

by Alyrenee

Willy, hero in his own mind, has an adventure of his own – Sam Spade style.

Artwork by Jason D. Smith

Jason D. Smith is a marketing/graphics/IT guy living in Sierra Vista, AZ. He likes RPGs and things that are new, and has a mostly-regular webcomic, DnDorks.com, that he enjoys drawing. And yes, he thinks Joss Whedon is pretty darned cool.


BBtLS2SpEp009 – Special Commentary on the Bartender Always Pours Twice


Join Kevin Cummings as he talks with Ellie B. (Julie the vampire), Larissa (Assistant Producer), Andy (SFX Crew), Volo (Gwen Raiden) and Daryl Blasi (Willy the Snitch). Learn what an assistant producers do, why it’s fun to be a non-canon character, who was envisioning Gwen Raiden’s costumes, when sound effects are found, where Andy met Spike (okay Nick Edwards), and so much more.

Buffy Between the Lines Fan Made Promo Video

(*Special note from the producers: We do not endorse anyone trying to kick people who don’t listen to Buffy Between the Lines UNLESS they’re vampires, but taking them out for coffee is perfectly acceptable)

Special thanks to clockworkbook/speculativism for this!

BBtLS2Ep009 – The Bartender Always Pours Twice


by Alyrenee

Willy, hero in his own mind, has an adventure of his own – Sam Spade style.

Intro: James Marsters

Special Guest Star: Podcaster and Novelist – Seth Harwood as the Fatman

Promo: Dark Worlds at   http://darkworldstrilogy.com

Also, make sure to check our ANGEL BETWEEN THE LINES auditons (March 7 – 21st, 2009) – http://www.angelbetweenthelines.com/auditions/

Angel Between the Lines Auditions

Cordelia’s Answering Machine

Written by Tabitha Grace Smith

Performed by Lisa T.

Editing by Laura ED

SFX by Lisa T.

Angel Between the Lines auditions are going to be open from March 7th to 21st, 2009. If you’re interested in being a voice role for our audio drama, please check out the website on March 7th for all the details. If it’s before the 7th, you can sign up for an email reminder!

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