BBtLS2Ep009 – The Bartender Always Pours Twice


by Alyrenee

Willy, hero in his own mind, has an adventure of his own – Sam Spade style.

Intro: James Marsters

Special Guest Star: Podcaster and Novelist – Seth Harwood as the Fatman

Promo: Dark Worlds at

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  1. Amy L. says:

    Hello and thanks again for another fabulous BBtL ep out today! Just noticed on the website that the episode title is “Bartender Always Pours Twice”, but the episode banner only says “Bartender Always Pours”. Maybe the full title was just too long for the banner? Just thought I’d mention in case mismatch was unintentional =) Anyway, you guys rock…can’t believe another season is almost over! Amy L.

  2. Tabz says:

    Thanks so much Amy!!

    We like to keep our listeners on their toes…

    ..yeah lets go with that. 😀

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