New Cast Announced!

We’re so excited to announced the Firefly Between the Lines cast has been selected! After an intense audition period that we weren’t sure we’d surivie we’ve now are proud to announce the main cast for Season 1 of Firefly Between the Lines!

Captain Mal Renyolds – Kevin Guyer
Zoe Washburne – Tabitha Grace Smith
Kaylee Frye – Larissa Myhowych
Jayne Cobb – P.G. Holyfield
River Tam – Mur Lafferty
Simon Tam – Seth Harwood
Hoban “Wash” Washburne – J.C. Hutchins
Shepherd Book – Scott Sigler
Badger – Clay Robeson
Nandi – Minx
Adelei Niska – James Butler
YoSaffBridge – Kim Butler

Additional Cast:
Emma Rawlin
Liane Uehara
Alex Gilmour
Lisa Tobias
Scott Schappell
Sam Luddy
Mike Moncada
Kent LaFavers
Lee Nix
Heidi Jenkins
Daniel Weisz
P. Bing
Patricia Neumann
Jason Northrop
John N.

We can’t wait for Firefly Betwen the Lines! Coming soon!


  1. Clinton says:

    Oooooh. So shiny!

  2. Lisa T. says:

    Yes!! I made the cut!!! Whew!

    And I can’t think of a better person to play Shepherd Book than the FDO himself! LOL!!! 😉

  3. Viridian says:

    Wow, I somehow missed that this was even casting yet. 🙁 Congrats to those who were chosen, though!

  4. Suziqb77 says:

    I am so excited and honored!! You know you have made it when you are chosen for something like this!!! I’m ready to be pimped out!!! 😉

  5. Phil Luke says:

    Wow an interesting casting, can’t wait to hear these familiar voices in these well known roles. They are gonna have so much fun …
    Can’t wait 🙂

  6. Wilwarin says:

    I missed it too. ::Sniffle sniffle:: Did they move the casting call area?

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