BBTLS2Ep011 – The Powers that Be Know Best

episodebanners02ep11by Paul Maki
A mysterious young man who claims to have powers heads towards Sunnydale with Wolfram and Hart close on his heels. But who is he really, and can he truly help find Buffy for the Scooby Gang?


Geek Acres

Red Shirts (coming soon)

Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up


  1. The Fizz says:

    Not sure what the problem is but the iTunes feed picked up the 11th episode of the 1ST season instead of this…

  2. Ginger Campbell, MD says:

    Great Episode! My favorite so far in Season 2!

    Ginger Campbell, MD

    Brain Science Podcast

  3. Paul Maki says:

    Fizz- Happened to me too, the first time. I deleted it and then manually dl’d from in the iTunes store and it worked.

    Dr. Campbell, thank you very much, it was a lot of fun conceiving and writing it!

  4. Nick Jimenez says:

    Hey BBtL fans! Nick Jimenez here, the creator of Red Shirts. Just thought I’d let everyone here know that the first episode came out today and is now ready for download on iTunes or If you’re a fan of Geek By Night and want to see what we’ve got cooked up next, OR you’re a big sci fi fan in need of some chuckles, please come check us out.

    By the way, if I just totally broke some rule about pimping your own show on someone else’s show site, deeply sorry.

  5. Anthony says:

    love the episode as alaways but an idea came to mind that ijust had to share with you as most of you may already know there is a slight chance of a Buffy Movie without joss so i thought why not do a web based Animated series not like the season 8 comics on youtube i mean a cartoon series like the one which went unaired fallowing eather willow, fath, fray or oz’s Travels during season 4 let me know your feelings about doing something like this i’m seriously feening for more of the Buffyverse now I know this seems rather ambitious but so did Buffybetweenlines at one point and look at it now so please consider my idea i think if it’s done correctly it could be beyond awsome we could really make joss proud very proud!

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