Buffy Between the Lines

Buffy Between the Lines is now on permanent hiatus. But Between the Lines Studios is not!

Check out our current Audio Drama series – Angel Between the Lines (which takes place between Seasons 3 & 4 of Joss Whedon’s Angel.

If you’re new to Buffy Between the Lines you can find all of Season 1’s main episodes by subscribing:

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To relisten to any episode please scroll down the far right sidebar and click on the graphic for that episode.

Want just the Season 2 Episodes?
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To read the scripts from Buffy Between the Lines please visit this page: http://www.buffybetweenthelines.com/scripts

Until further notice there will be no more new episodes of Buffy Between the Lines. Our team is busily working on Angel Between the Lines Season 1 followed by Firefly Between the Lines. If you have not subscribed to Angel Between the Lines yet, it has it’s own new feed:

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