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Tabz and Kim Interviewed on Future Traditions!

KIm and I were interviewed by the ever-talented Larissa on a speical Whedon-filled episode of the Jericho Podcast. We reveal some of our upcoming projects on this interview, so if you’re interested in knowing what’s coming up – give it a listen!

Click here to listen (it’s an epic episode, we show up around the 1 hour mark).

New Cast Announced!

We’re so excited to announced the Firefly Between the Lines cast has been selected! After an intense audition period that we weren’t sure we’d surivie we’ve now are proud to announce the main cast for Season 1 of Firefly Between the Lines!

Captain Mal Renyolds – Kevin Guyer
Zoe Washburne – Tabitha Grace Smith
Kaylee Frye – Larissa Myhowych
Jayne Cobb – P.G. Holyfield
River Tam – Mur Lafferty
Simon Tam – Seth Harwood
Hoban “Wash” Washburne – J.C. Hutchins
Shepherd Book – Scott Sigler
Badger – Clay Robeson
Nandi – Minx
Adelei Niska – James Butler
YoSaffBridge – Kim Butler

Additional Cast:
Emma Rawlin
Liane Uehara
Alex Gilmour
Lisa Tobias
Scott Schappell
Sam Luddy
Mike Moncada
Kent LaFavers
Lee Nix
Heidi Jenkins
Daniel Weisz
P. Bing
Patricia Neumann
Jason Northrop
John N.

We can’t wait for Firefly Betwen the Lines! Coming soon!

Irrel Video Blogs!

Our graphic artist and all-around amazing person Irrel has started her own vlog (video blog). In this first episode you get to hear: 1) her great accent and 2) how much she hates coloring crocodiles. You also get to see (in fast forward) her coloring the Episode 8 cover! So check it out and leave her a comment.

She’s so talented and awesome. Tabz is jealous.

Buffy Between the Lines invades Scott Sigler’s Contagious book signing

n584740982_1811808_7054In this photo: Tee Morris (who now owes us a role), Rory (the dragon), Nuchtchas, Christianna Ellis (Air/Fairy), Phil Rossi (Creation Narrator), Scott Sigler, Mark Smith (Smitty Halibit), Junkie Mae, and Jason N.

Austin Wintory Interviewed at

We’re happy to let our listeners know about a really awesome interview with Austin about his work composing for films. Here’s a taste:

Since you’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, both in size and scope, the inevitable question of budgets and size of orchestras become relevant… how have you had to adapt your writing style to accommodate these restrictions?

I try to be a purist and just watch a movie without bearing in mind the restrictions, then trying to figure out a way to score it how I want later. But obviously that’s majorly idealistic. I remember reading a Mark Isham interview years ago where he talked about scoring a film with budget enough for 13 players, but the film had been temped with Basic Instinct. I’ve definitely gone down that road myself and I think it actually, like with flOw, can produce really interesting results. My goal with those projects is to dive head-in to the budget shortage, and really write a score that would feel somehow wrong if done on a bigger scale. Case in point, I just finished a film called Grace where we recorded 8 bass and contrabass clarinets at Abbey Road, and it came out awesome! It was surreal to hear so many of those beasts together…[Play “5m21” from Grace]

For more of the interview with Austin check out:

BBtL LIVE at Dragon*Con & the Parsecs!

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up to our Buffy Between the Lines show. We really appreciate you all! We packed out the podcasting track room and had to turn some people away. 🙁 Don’t forget to check out our Dr. Horrible Sing Along tomorrow night!

Also HUGE congrats to BBtL Podcasters Kevin Cummings, Christiana Ellis, Mark the Encaffeinated One, and Brian Brown for winning BIG at the Parsec’s this year.

Brian Brown – Best News Podcast: Slice of SciFi

Kevin Cummings – Best Comedy or Parody Podcast: Short Cummings Audio

Mark, the Encaffeinated One – Best “Infotainment” Cast: The Weird Show

Christiana Ellis – Best Short Audio Drama: Space Casey

BBtL Podcasters Make the Finalists at the Parsecs!

Congrats to everyone (not us) who made it to the finalists round. Even though Buffy Between the Lines didn’t MAKE it to the finalist for audio drama – some of the podcasters who work on Buffy Between the Lines were nominated! So yay them!

Brad Bowyer – The GeekSpin (Nominated for best Fan Podcast, Best Infotainment) and Podculture (Best Infotainment, Best News)

Kevin Cummings – Short Cummings Audio (best comedy)

Clay Robeson – Moron Life: The Vaudcast (Sketch Comedy) (for best Video Podcast)

Kevin Bachelder – The Signal (Best fan podcast, Best Infotainment) and The ScapeCast (Writing)

Mark the Encaffeinated One – The Weird Show (Best Infotainment)

Chooch & VI – CoH Podcast (Best Gaming)

Plus BBtL’s own Dark Overlord, Scott Sigler, is up for a bajillion different ones. Go Scott!
And our very good friends over at The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd are up for best Audio Drama Long Form (Darn you Dr. Steve!)

BBtL at NME with Felcia Day!

It was great bumping into Felicia Day at NME so we had to grab a photo!

Emma, Present Memory, Tabz and Felicia chilling at the Expo!

Clip of the BBtL Live Show from New Media Expo

Special thanks to our friend CultofUHF for this clip of our live show at New Media Expo!

Left to Right: Clinton (The Mayor), Present Memory, Tabz, Emma (Drusilla) and Paul Maki (Javert) (not featured)

Irrel, our graphics goddess, mentioned in Felicia Day Interview

Irrel, who is working on our season 2 graphics – which you all will see soon, is a fantastic artist! And Felicia Day mentioned her in her interview with the Dr. Horrible fan site, Yay!

Do you have a favourite fan encounter from Comic Con?

FD: When Irrel ( gave me the cutest fan art for Dr. Horrible of me, Dr. Horrible and Hammer. She also did fantastic fan art for The Guild that I found online later, you can see it on The Guild site, It was so amazing, I will treasure that drawing and meeting her.

Here’s the Guild fan art that Irrel made:

For more of Irrel’s fantastic art check her out at:

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