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Buffy Between the Lines LIVE at New Media Expo!

Buffy Between the Lines LIVE!

New Media Expo

Las Vegas, Nevada

12:00pm, Saturday, August 16th

(Registration for the Expo Floor is free until August 13th)

ALSO – Let’s Talk Joss LIVE at New Media Expo Thursday at 4pm!

Buffy Between the Lines LIVE at DragonCon!

Between the Lines Studios Presents: Dr. Horrible Sing Along!

From the studio that brought you the fan audio drama: Buffy Between the Lines,
comes the first officially sanctioned fan-production of
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!

Sunday night, 11:30pm
August 31st, 2008 at DragonCon!
Podcasting Track (Downtown Atlanta Hilton on the 2nd Floor Rockdale room)

Dress up! Win Cool Prizes!

Watch Dr. Horrible and Sing Along with a full costumed cast!
(This is the one. Tell your friends.)

Composer Austin Wintory Featured at

Our wonderful composer – Austin Wintory, has been interviewed over at check it out!

Austin Wintory has been a busy man. Our first interview with the composer was over a year ago, and since then he has worked on a number of games and media projects ranging from foreign films to indie MMO titles and more. We’re most familiar with his music from flOw, both the free Flash demo and the full-featured PlayStation 3 downloadable game. But did you know he also did the score for Captain Abu Raed, the first true feature film to come from Jordan? Not to mention the awards he’s both won and been nominated for. We finally managed to catch up with Austin and get his side of the story on all things musical.

Click here to read the full interview.

What a Crazy Random Happenstance – BBtL at ComicCon!

Hey guys! We had a blast at ComicCon and I’m sorry we couldn’t meet everyone!

Here’s some pictures!

Peter, Heidi, Lisa T and Tabz

Tabz, Alyrenee, Lisa T.

Tabz makes the list of people to see at ComicCon

Check out this great post by WorldofHiglet at Whedonage on who to see at ComicCon. Tabz is up there with Joss, Wil Wheaton and Scott Sigler! Make sure if you’re going to be there on Saturday to introduce yourself. Best part? There’s no long lines to see her!

Clay’s Parody song “Overplayed” Linked on the BBC website

Clay, our Angel and Technical Director, sang a parody of Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” for his other podcast – Moronlife. Recently the BBC ran a story on “Bad Day” and Clay’s song got linked in a sidebar article on the BBC website!

Congrats Clay, who is now international pop sensation!

Meet the Cast & Crew of Buffy Between the Lines This Summer!


Saturday, July 26th

5:30pm – Rock Bottom

Click here for Details.

New Media Expo

Thursday to Saturday, August 14 – 16
(Emma, Tabz, Clinton/The Mayor and Paul Maki/Javert)


Thursday to Monday, August 28 to Sept 1st

How Far Is Too Far: The Ethics & Appropriateness of Apocalyptic Media

8/29/08 5:30PM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

The apocalypse has always been a popular theme in movies, television, and literature. But do the creators of the media take the ideas too far? Join us as we discuss the issue from different viewpoints.

Podcasting UN

8/29/08 5:30 PM at the Podcasting Track (tvindy/Jinx)
Come and join podcasters from around the world for a discussion on how podcasting issues and from other countries their way of doing a show.

Buffy Between The Lines LIVE

8/30/08 2:30 PM at the Podcasting Track
A special live episode of Buffy Between the Lines recorded LIVE in front a ‘real’ audience!

Podcasting on a Budget

8/30/08 4:00 PM at the Podcasting Track (Kim, Tabz)
Learn how to create and host a podcast without tons of expensive and fancy equipment, but still with decent quality.

The Art of Writing for Audio

8/31/08 10:00 AM (Writers: Sue & Beth)
Come and listen to some of the leading audio/podcasting writers talk about the craft of writing effectively for audio and video podcasting.


8/31/08 11:30 AM at the Podcasting Track (Kim, Emma Tabz)
The hosts and producers of some of the most popular podcasts about things people go ‘fanboy’ or ‘fangirl’ for talk about the issues and ways to keep an audience happy.

My God Is Smitier Than Your God: The Apocalypse In Theology & Mythology

9/1/08 10:00 AM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

From the Book of Revelations to Ragnarok, the concept of the end of days is a major theme in religion and mythology. Come join us as we look at the different religious views of apocalypse around the world, and compare their similarities and differences.

Meet Mr. Smith: An Hour With Sean Astin (Will be held in Regency VI – VII)

9/1/08 11:30 AM at the Apocalypse Rising Track (Tabz)

Crazy? Prophet? Come join Sean Astin as he reminisces about his days post hobbits and elves on the popular post-apocalyptic TV show Jeremiah, and shares his thoughts on his character, the mysterious Mr. Smith.

Buffy Between the Lines Featured on the Pink Ray Gun!


Exploring the Untold Stories of the Buffyverse
By Sabrina Boyer

Ever wondered what happened between seasons five and six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Buffy was dead and Willow became all veiny and scary? So did Tabitha Smith and Kim Butler, creators of Buffy Between the Lines, an audio podcast by and for fans of the Buffyverse. A full on plethora of episodes, the podcast explores the untold stories of the characters between some of the most intense and highly charged seasons, beginning season one with the exploration of the goings on between seasons five and six, the summer sans Buffy. What did the Scoobies do without her? How did they decide to use the BuffyBot as a decoy? How did Spike get drafted into helping out? How did Willow get uber-megawitchy? These were the questions fans Smith and Butler wondered about, and so, the podcast was born.

Click here for the full article.

Season 2 has been cast!

If you auditioned and did not get an email please contact us at betweenthelinesauditions[at] ASAP so we can get you any information you may need. Even if you did not get a role, you should have gotten an email!

We will be posting the cast list as soon as we have confirmed all the roles.

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