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BBTLS1SPIR – The Path You Take

by Tabitha Grace Smith

The Navajo’s spirit protectors wage war against the residents of the hellmouth.

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BBTLS1Ep011 – Oldies Night

by Beer Good Foamy

Dawn’s missing, men all over Sunnydale are showing up dead and the BuffyBot goes a little haywire. Can the scoobies find Dawn, work on resurrecting Buffy and deal with their Sunnydale’s newest threat?

Intro by Kim from the Four Color Heroines podcast


Just Not Right Podcast

PG Holyfield and Mur at Raleigh writing panel.

BBTLS1EP010 – Summers Women Should Never Celebrate Birthdays


by Emma Rawlin

Dawn’s birthday goes awry as she struggles with losing Buffy and trying to understand who she is. And things aren’t going well at Xander’s current construction site and he calls on the last person you’d think to help figure it out.

Intro by Brad Bowyer from the Geek Spin and Podculture

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BBtLS1APRIL – It’ll Never Happen in Sunnydale


by Tabitha Grace Smith

Feeling guilty for pushing Dawn off the tower, Buffy finds solace in the one person who understands how she feels. Or is it just the one person who looks good on everyone? Only time, a bit of insanity and a couple spells going wonky can tell. Oh yeah, Angel shows up too.

Special thanks to FanficRants on LiveJournal.

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BBTLS1EP009 – A Dish Served Cold


by Alyrenee Greaves

Anya faces the wrath of a woman she cursed in the 1700’s and finds out the perils of buying things off of ebay. Meanwhile Dawn, feeling unwanted by the scoobies who are busy doing other things, runs into Javert.

Intro by JuleSong from the Big Damn Chefs Cookbook and Can’t Take the Sky Radio.

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BBTLS1INFECT – Special Infected Minisode


by Tabitha Grace Smith

Javert makes a very special purchase to complete a plan to gain one of the items he needs for the final ceremony. And Buffy Between the Lines catches Infected fever.

Intro by Chris Lester from the Metamor City Podcast

Promos for Nocturnal and Infected by Scott Sigler.

Mochan as the bookstore lady
Paul Maki as Javert
Kinsey as Jinx
Rachel Ruzzo as Rosalyn, the younger gypsy
Sage Turtle as Thyme, the mother gypsy
and end credits by AthenaMuze

BBTLS1Ep008 – The Other Half of Me


by Beth Nelson and Sue O’Donovan

Xander gets in touch with his feminine side after being mistaken for Spike by a demon. Meanwhile said demon seems to have something Javert needs.

Intro by Steve from Geek Cred

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Seth Harwood’s Jack PALM novels
Adventures in SciFi Publishing

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BBTLS1Ep007 – Fractures, Frogs and Fuzzy Sweaters


by Ryan Bovay

Willow is coping with her new leadership role. The trio unleashes powerful magic into Sunnydale and Willow must face her worst fears to deal with it.

Intro by Wesley, Bob and Sam from the Volcanicast.


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BBTLS1VAL – Valentine’s Day: Vengeance Style


by Tabitha Grace Smith

What’s Valentine’s Day with out some violence? Dawn and Spike stumble across Anya’s memoirs while reading the Watcher Diaries.

Intro by April from the Lady From Day audio drama.

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Nick Edwards as Spike
Tasha as Dawn
Clay Robeson as Angelus
Tabitha Grace Smith as Anya
and Andrew Ball as D’Hoffryn

Very Special Thanks to our Guest Podcasting voices:

Ginger Campbell as Anya’s Mom
Dani Cutler as Penny
Paul Fischer as Frank
J.C. Hutchins as the Cop
And Mae Breakall as Cordelia

BBtLS1Ep006 – Followed Footsteps


Followed Footsteps

by Emma Rawlin

Javert’s back story and plans are revealed to the Scoobies, who realize far to late the threat he truly poses to them. Meanwhile, things become strained between Spike and the gang.

Intro by Les and Kari from The Signal

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