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BBtLS1ANG – Angel Special Edition – What Happened to Angel?


What Happened to Angel?
by Tabitha Grace Smith

Angel reflects on the loss of his love.

Intro by Felicia Day, Vi the potential slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer S7

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard – Announcer
Angel – Clay Robeson
Willow – xMadxScientistx
Buffy – Kim Butler

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BBtLS1HOL – Christmas Special Edition – A Winter’s Tale

Winter's Tale Banner

A Winter’s Tale
by Kim Butler

The scoobies help Dawn with her schedule and Giles takes the opportunity to share a special Christmas tale with the gang.

Intro by Doug Petrie, co-executive producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sending a Wave – UK Firefly Podcast
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard – Announcer
Willow – xMadxScientistx
Dawn – Tasha
Anya – Tabitha Grace Smith
Xander – Chris O
Tara – Cliss (NegraDeAguas)
Giles – Brian Brown
Grandmother Giles – Berengaria (Kate)
Lyra – Elanor Edwards
Jamie Tyler – Jack Gregson
Cobweb – Christiana Ellis
Kim Butler – End Credits

BBtLS1Ep005 – She’s More Than That

Episode #005 Banner

She’s More Than That
by Emma Rawlin

Spike continues to struggle to fit in with the Scoobies while the Scoobies attempt to fool Social Services and Javert moves closer to his goal.

Intro by Chris Lester from the Metamor City podcast

Murder on Avedon Hill
Hodgepodge Point

BBtLS1Ep004 – CTRL + ALT + DEL

by Emma Rawlin and Tabitha Grace Smith

BuffyBot takes her own personal look at our favorite characters and tries to fit into the Sunnydale world. Meanwhile Javert recruits some new help to continue his plans. The scoobies face one of their first challenges in taking care of Dawn and Spike faces some of his personal emotions regarding the loss of Buffy.

Intro by Steve from Geek Cred
Promos from JC Hutchins’ 7th Son & Mur Lafferty’s Heaven
DRE Presents: Robotz of the Company

BBtLS1SpEpTHANK – Reason to Be Thankful

Episode Thanksgiving Banner

Written by Tabitha Grace Smith

On a nightly patrol the scoobies get stuck and wander down memory lane. Beware of Regweligans.

Cast for this episode:

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the Announcer
Kim Butler as BuffyBot
MadxScientistx as Willow
Cliss (NegraDeAguas) as Tara
Brian Brown as Giles
Chris O as Xander
Tabitha Grace Smith as Anya
Nick Edwards as Spike
Paul Maki as Javert
and Viridian as Monica

Intro by JC Hutchins.

Promo for this episode: Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up and This Life.

California Song by Letters Burning
Buffy Between the Lines Theme by Beatnik Turtle
Overload by Beatnik Turtle

BBtLS1Ep003 – Never Go up Against a Sorcerer When Death is on the Line


Never Go up Against a Sorcerer When Death is on the Line
by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Javert calls on an old friend of the scoobies to stir up trouble. Meanwhile Giles is hit hard by Buffy’s death and his inability to save her. We also get a sneak peek into what pulled three of the greatest criminal minds together.

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Dr. Steve & Fidgert from “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.”

The Manners Cast
Just Not Right

BBTLS1EPHAL – Special Halloween Episode Board to Death


Written by Rachel Ruzzo

Stepping back in time Buffy Between the Lines brings you a special minisode (mini episode) that takes place between Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 episodes “No Place Like Home” and “Family”. While the Scoobies hang watching Halloween movies Dawn joins her friends Janice and Melinda at a Halloween party. Leave it to Dawn to make the party an extra special guest.

Intro by Andy from the Andy Cast.
Promo from Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal.

Our cast for this episode included:

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the Announcer
Kim Butler as Buffy
Barbara Jungbauer as Joyce
MadxScientistx as Willow
Cliss (NegraDeAguas) as Tara
Brian Brown as Giles
Chris O as Xander
Tabitha Grace Smith as Anya
Nick Edwards as Spike
Tasha as Dawn
Rachel Ruzzo as Janice Penshaw
Clay Robenson as Guy 1

Special thanks to our podcasting guests
Including Fred and Bob Cadenhead from the Mostly News Podcast; and Nikolai and Caleb from the Dancing with Elephants podcast who played the trick or treaters

John Blosser from Firefly Talk who played Guy 2.
Miranda Thomas from Firefly Talk and the 9th a Heroes Cast played Melinda.
Jen Tucker from Tucker Tales who played Girl 1.
And Naomi Starsiak from Firefly Talk who played Girl 2.

BBTLS1Ep002 – Requiem for a Demon

Episode 002 Banner

Episode 2 – Requiem for a Demon – Paula Rada & Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Willow goes to LA to visit Angel and deliver the awful news of Buffy’s death. Back in Sunnydale, girls are being killed one by one from Tara’s choir. While Willow helps the Angel Investigation team fight a strange demon, Tara and the rest of the Scoobies are determined to find out the reason behind the unusual deaths.


Pulp Gamer
The Chrissy & Brian Show
The Gadget Boyz

BBTLS1Ep001 – Beginning at the End


Episode 1 – Beginning at the End – by Tabitha Grace Smith

Buffy is dead, the Scoobies are reeling from the battle with Glory and the fact that their beloved friend and fearless leader is gone is sinking in. Meanwhile, Doc re-appears at the end of the funeral and continues to make trouble.


Promos in this episode included:
Tales from the Verse
Strangely Literal
Undead America
After Serenity
Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland

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