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Buffy Between the Lines Fan Made Promo Video

(*Special note from the producers: We do not endorse anyone trying to kick people who don’t listen to Buffy Between the Lines UNLESS they’re vampires, but taking them out for coffee is perfectly acceptable)

Special thanks to clockworkbook/speculativism for this!

Angel Between the Lines Auditions

Cordelia’s Answering Machine

Written by Tabitha Grace Smith

Performed by Lisa T.

Editing by Laura ED

SFX by Lisa T.

Angel Between the Lines auditions are going to be open from March 7th to 21st, 2009. If you’re interested in being a voice role for our audio drama, please check out the website on March 7th for all the details. If it’s before the 7th, you can sign up for an email reminder!

Angel Between the Lines web site.

BBtL Cross Stitch!

Siobhan, one of our fantastic editors, created this Buffy Between the Lines cross-stitch!
(click the images for larger)
008 006 0081

Isn’t it awesome?

If you’ve created something inspired by Buffy Between the Lines make sure to send pictures or a link our way!

New FanVid Featuring Daisy!

Another great fanvid by trev2005

Buffy Between the Lines – 3D!

Very cool, short scene from Episode 9 with Xander and Anya. Made by the awesome trev2005!

Buffy Between the Lines Season 1 Opening Credits

Very special thanks to our fan – John the rogue demon Hunter for this exteremly kick ass opening credits video.

Do you have some Whedon friends who haven’t listened to the show yet? This is a great introduction to it. Add the code to your LiveJournal, Myspace or Blog!

Buffy Between The Lines

Another Fanvid!

Two Buffy Between the Lines fanvids!

I didn’t realize people were vidding us!

Here’s a video of our promo from fravelnator:

And the first 8 minutes of episode 1, with pictures, by MyCaliCat:

BBtL FanMixed!

Since we’re an audio drama it’s kind of hard to do a fanvid, but Rachel figured out how to do a FanMix!!

“How Far We’ve Come”
– Matchbox 20
by Rachel (bakatulip)

Clips from Buffy Between the Lines S1 Ep 1

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