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Buffy Between the Lines is now on permanent hiatus. But Between the Lines Studios is not!

Check out our current Audio Drama series – Angel Between the Lines (which takes place between Seasons 3 & 4 of Joss Whedon’s Angel.

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Until further notice there will be no more new episodes of Buffy Between the Lines. Our team is busily working on Angel Between the Lines Season 1 followed by Firefly Between the Lines. If you have not subscribed to Angel Between the Lines yet, it has it’s own new feed:

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I’m just saying, thank you. So much.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us at the Podcast Awards. While it would be all kinds of shiny to get a trophy, I just wanted to let you know that everyone from Kim and I, to the voice actors, the editors, the writers and all people in between are just happy to have such loving and devoted fans like you.

Buffy Between the Lines has always been a lot bigger than I could have ever dreamed when we started back in 2007. Our merry band of about 11 people grew into a mighty army of 300+ people now working on Angel Between the Lines. Without those folks I think we would have given up a long time ago.

Make no mistake, we’d love an award, but the real satisfaction comes from all of you – the folks working on the podcast and the folks listening to the podcast. The comments, reviews, emails and voice mails you’ve sent in saying how we’ve “brought Buffy back” and how we’ve given you a moment of joy is really what Buffy Between the Lines is all about.

In the end, we’re fans of a little blonde slayer and her ragtag group of friends. That’s why we pour in the hours, time, money and effort to create this podcast. Because we’re fans who love this show. If you’re reading this, you’re part of the amazing experience these two years of Buffy Between the Lines has had. And that makes you pretty darn special.

And… if we don’t win, well we’re in good company with the actual TV show that should have received many Emmys, but never did.

Join us for the

Winners Announcement at Awards Ceremony
8pm Eastern December 12th
Via a Live Streamed event at the Podcast Awards website.

All 22 Category winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony!

So thanks again for voting for us. I know it’s a bit of a chore to do it every day, but you all were brilliant.

(Artwork by J. Scott Campbel)

Don’t Forget to Vote!

We’re so close to writing a post-Chosen (Season 7) episode of Buffy Between the Lines we can almost taste it. Or taste something. Did you leave the hot plate on again?

Please head on over and vote for Buffy Between the Lines in the entertainment category of the Podcast Awards. We’d sure appreciate it! Make sure to leave a valid email address (so you can validate your vote). Click the banner below to vote!

Special Episode for Sonny – The Secret Lives of Reavers

A couple months ago we were saddened to hear the state of affairs for one of Firefly’s living legends: Sonny Rhodes, who masterfully sang the title theme song that we know and love. Fans rallied to support Sonny, offering donations out of their own pocket to help him as he went through some health issues that were preventing him from working.

Between the Lines Studios and our fans wanted to help Sonny out. So we offered a special episode JUST for people who donated on Sonny’s Myspace page. This special episode is being sent off on April 1st, but there’s still time for you to get the episode.

In this episode BtLS examines the Secret Lives of Reavers, giving you a unique story from the Firefly universe that you won’t be able to hear anywhere else.

If you donated to Sonny make sure to send us an email at with your paypal transaction # or proof of donation.
If you haven’t made a donation yet you can do so at Sonny’s Myspace:

Not only will you be given this special episode, but you’ll be put in a drawing for some great Whedon schwag including Buffy Between the Lines limited edition posters, a terrifying space monkey, comics and more!

Thanks to all of you who keep the ‘Verse going.

Buffy Between the Lines Featured on Playtime Magazine

There’s a really nice writeup/review of Buffy Between the Lines on Playtime Magazine:

Fanfiction has always been a dirty word.  Maybe because a lot of fanfiction is actually very dirty.  Maybe because a lot of it is complete rubbish.  Let’s face it: as much as Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans love the show, it’s always been a bit of a leap to go from Joss Whedon’s snappy, witty and smartly written TV drama to a format generally believed to be badly written, hurried, ill-conceived and generally very poor.  Actually it’s a bit of a leap for most to go from Whedon’s series to any related Buffyverse tales, whether in story or comic book form.  Those that don’t, though, are starting to seriously miss out.  When I first heard that a group of Buffy fans from the fanfiction community had gotten together to produce a Buffy radio drama I couldn’t contain my laughter.  With the best will in the world, how could a bunch of amateurs hope to pull off something remotely credible, let alone worthwhile?  None of the original cast, no established scriptwriters and not even a proper soundstudio.  “Very quaint,” I thought, and promptly tuned in for comedy value.

Twelve episodes later, I’m on the brink of writing to Whedon, begging him to canonise the series and to give the team money and a proper studio to produce an official radio drama that would, undoubtedly, sell like hotcakes and be a worthy jewel in the Buffy crown.  Not for my benefit, mind, as I’m now open-minded enough to head on over to the Buffy Between the Lines website and have my fill of this excellent show for free, but for those out there who are too driven by traditional media to give this a chance, thinking that something can only be worthy if they’ve succumbed to the marketing and paid for it.  Let us instantly revise our swift categorisation of fanfiction as complete rubbish, then: Buffy Between the Lines (BBtL) is an essential item on any Buffy fan’s agenda, combining all the hilarious wit and humour alongside tense, involving drama and fascinating characterisation of Whedon’s original series.  In short, it’s a superbly written triumph that’s beautifully acted across the board by its cast of amateur Buffy aficionados.

To read the rest of the review click here.
To read an interview with Kim and I also on Playtime Magazine click here.

Questions for Ep 7 Commentary

We’re in the unique position of recording a commentary after the episode has aired! So if you’d like to ask our cast/crew questions about the episode (or Buffy Between the Lines in general) ask away! Just leave a comment here. 🙂

Review of Buffy Between the Lines Episode Five: She’s More Than That

Click here to listen to this episode.

Click here to download a PDF of this episode’s script.

Click here to read Present Memory’s review of this episode.

[Make sure to check out Juss’ New Time Radio Blog for more reviews of new audio dramas over at Playtime Magazine]

BBTLSonny – BBtL Special Episode for Sonny Rhodes

Promo Read by: Scott McCoy

We as Browncoats and Whedon fans are known for rallying to help those in need. Because of Browncoats we’ve been able to donate thousands to “Kids Need to Read” and “Equality Now”. Buffy fans have helped “Make a Wish” with their yearly Buffy marathon. Now, Sonny needs our help.

Currently this piece of Firefly’s history, Sonny Rhodes, is facing a financial hardship. Being too sick to work has drained his personal finances and to help this great bluesman his friends have decided to start a relief fund for the months that Sonny will be laid up recovering from these surgeries. While a majority of Sonny’s medical will be paid by insurance but not all expenses will be covered.

Buffy Between the Lines wants to help out, so we’re doing a special episode that will -only- be available to those who donate to Sonny via his paypal button. We’re not collecting the funds ourselves, but we would like you to head over to Sonny’s Myspace page at

Donate whatever you can to help out. Every little bit helps in these tough times. Once you’ve donated, send us an email at Buffy BetweentheLines at gmail dot com. Also include your Paypal transaction number or some proof of your donation. Add the Subject line “for Sonny”.

We’ll be sending everyone who participates and sends us an email a link to a special episode on April 1st, 2009. This episode will not appear anywhere else, and is only available to those listeners who donate to help Sonny out.

We’re also going to give away some special goodies to randomly chosen entries. We have some Buffy Between the Lines schwag, Buffy Season 8 posters and other things we’ll send to the lucky winners. So please help us help a friend.

Buffy Between the Lines Special Episode to Help Singer Sonny Rhodes

Our hearts are very sad for our dear friend Sonny Rhodes, the singer who performed the Firefly theme song. He’s been very sick and not able to work and now is struggling to make ends meet. You can read all about his situation on Whedonesque.

In order to help him out, we’re going to be creating a VERY special episode of Buffy Between the Lines that is -only- available to people who donate to Sonny’s paypal fund. We’ll also be giving away some copies of Buffy Season 8 the comic, special Buffy Between the Lines posters, S1 of BBtL on DVD, and other prizes (TBA)

If you’d like to receive this secret episode, please make a donation to Sonny’s paypal (you can find the button on his Myspace) and then send us an email to with the subject line “For Sonny”. In the email please put your name and Paypal transaction number (or other proof of donation). ANY amount can help Sonny out, so please give as you are able.

All emails received will receive a link to a secret episode on April 1st, 2009. Other winners will be notified by email.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment or email the address above.

Congrats to Scott Sigler!

We’re very excited to let you know that our dear podcasting friend (he loves it when we call him ‘dear’) – Scott Sigler’s novel “Contagious” has made the New York Time’s best seller list!!!!

Contagious is the follow-up to his “Infected” novel that Javert used to kill those poor gypsies last season.

We’re so proud – head on over to his website and give him a congrats!

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