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Want to Join the Cast & Crew of Between the Lines Studios?

Between the Lines Studios is looking for more crew members for it’s network of podcasts (Lets Talk Joss, Joss’d, Buffy Between the Lines, Angel Between the Lines, Tales from the Verse, Strangely Literal, Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland).

Our new cast/crew members will be working on not -one- podcast, but all the BTL Studios podcasts! All crew members are also open to be voices.

What are we looking for?

Audio Editors. People who can edit together podcasts. We also have great training if you don’t have skills in this area.

Writers. Not only script writers, but bloggers, fanfic authors and feature writers. For example, writing a review of a TV series, movie or book for Joss’d and our “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Joss”.

Time Commitment: This depends on you, we’re flexible. If you’re available for at least a couple hours a month we can use you!

If you’re interested, please email Crystal: midnytestarr – at –

Buffy Between the Lines Joins FarPoint Media

Hi Everyone!

We’re very happy to announce our final move over to FarPoint Media (FPM). FarPoint Media is a leading producer and distributor of quality broadcast and podcast entertainment, with a variety of content to feed your needs.

We join a very creative group of people and we’re happy to share Buffy Between the Lines with new listeners joining from the FarPoint Media family. Also joining FPM are other BtL Studios podcasts including Joss’d, Strangely Literal, Future Traditions, Squint Squad, Short Cummings Audio, Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland, Tales from the Verse and Let’s Talk Joss.
As part of our move we’ve redesigned the site, and have done away with the forums. All discussions and fan-related activity has moved to our Ning community – please join us there.

If you are NOT subscribed via iTunes you’ll need to change your RSS feed to –

If you are subscribed via iTunes or if you listen via our website you should continue to receiving episodes normally.

Thanks to everyone who made this move possible and we look foward to bringing you even more wonderful episodes.
If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

Did You Vote? Get a Sticker!

After realizing how many people love getting a little sticker that says they voted – Buffy Between the Lines has decided to reward your hard work in voting for us at the Podcast Awards!

If you voted please leave a comment on this post (with your email address in the comment information). And we’ll send you your very own I VOTED Mayor sticker! All comments must be received by Nov 6th (the last day of voting).

Yes, you’ll get an actual sticker (in the mail, so you’ll need to send in your mailing address. 🙂

Even if Buffy Between the Lines doesn’t win the Podcast Awards, we do appreciate our fans, friends and all of you who have voted!

This is all on the honor system (we don’t know if you really voted or not) so please be honest! 🙂

Buffy Between the Lines Wrap Party – June 14th, 2008

Powered by TalkShoe

We’re going to be having a special Q&A and wrap party on TalkShoe on June 14th at 9:00AM PT.

How to participate:

The live shows are recorded using a service called Talkshoe, and you can join in the discussion in two or three easy steps:

  1. Go to and register for a free account, which will get you your 9 digit pin number.
  2. When it comes time for the show call this phone number: (724) 444-7444, it will prompt you for the “Talkcast ID” which is: 20499, and it will then ask for your pin number.
  3. (optional) Download and install the Talkshoe software. This will enable you to participate in the live chat room while our show is being recorded, and will give you the ability to request permission to speak.

Please sign up at talkshoe BEFORE the event.

Missed Auditions for Season 2?

Due to an unfortunate situation, the male cast as Alan Finch has had to leave us. We are currently looking for a replacement. Please follow this link to get the details!

Buffy Between the Lines Supports the Can’t Stop the Serenity Charity Screenings

Hi guys!

I’m very happy to announce our partnership with this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity screenings!
Buffy Between the Lines is offering a role on one of our Season 2 Minisodes. So if you’ve ever wanted to have a guest spot here’s your chance!

If you haven’t been to a Serenity screening, this your chance to go. Find out more at

Post Video Comments!

Now you can post video comments on with Seesmic.

Click on “comments” and you’ll see a link that says “or add a video comment”.

You’ll need a Seesmic account. Once you’re registered it should auto detect your video/webcam and mic!

So leave us a video comment! Let us know how you’re enjoying Buffy Between the Lines!

Special Sneak Peek – Buffy Between the Lines Season 2

I just got the first draft of one of our covers for Buffy Between the Lines Season 2 … and I HAD to share. By the extremely talented Scott Tofte:


Buffy Between the Lines featured on Download Squad

logo.png Buffy Between the Lines had a very nice write up in the tech blog, “Download Squad”. Here’s a clip from the article:

If you named your dog Spike, dream of vacationing in Sunnydale, and never quite got over what happened to Jenny Calendar, then you’ll love the gem of a podcast we’ve uncovered for you. Buffy Between the Lines is original fan fic written and produced by a group of volunteers who probably know more about Xander, Willow, and Buffy than Joss Whedon himself.

To read the rest please click here and leave a nice comment!

Buffy Between the Lines Reviewed, Siglerism Praised & Podcasts Explained

images.jpegOver at the last geek bus home there’s a great review of Buffy Between the Lines and podcasts! We’re very honored to be mentioned by worldofhiglet, whose become a big fan.

Here’s just some of the nice things that were said:

As I’m blogging now I’m listening to Buffy: Between the Lines episode 1, Season 1. So if it doesn’t all scan properly blame them. I’ve listened to it before, a while ago and it really is good. It takes a little while to adjust to the new voices but the story, characterisations and production is great. I wanted to start at the beginning again – ha! – I just got to the bit with the bunnies – I can so see that! Anyway, as I was saying, it’s a new ‘verse of entertainment and one that I’ll be looking into a bit more. You know, with all that spare time I have…

If you’re a geek or a Whedon fan, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the blog, you’ll enjoy it.

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