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Buffy Between the Lines #3 Blog about Buffy on Boxxet


Boxxet, one of those mega-everything sites, sent us an email to let us know that Buffy Between the Lines, which is a featured blog on Boxxet, has the rank of #3 in blogs about Buffy. This is behind the AMAZING Whedonesque and TV Squad.

We’re obviously excited about this. You guys keep Buffy Between the Lines the amazing phenomenon it’s become!

Buffy Between the Lines Fanfic contest!


Hi guys! Between Season 1 and Season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines we have a couple months off, but we didn’t want our fans to be wanting so we’ve devised the first Buffy Between the Lines fanfic contest! All accepted submissions will be recorded and featured on the Buffy Between the Lines podcast and the winner will receive a SIGNED copy of “Infected” by Scott Sigler, as well as a limited edition SugarShock poster and some other goodies we have tucked away in the Between the Lines Studios vault.

If you’re interested in participating here’s the rules:

  1. Fanfic must be based on Buffy Between the Lines Season 1 and remain true to the TV and audio drama (this rules out non-canonical pairings and AU, we’ll save that for the April Fool’s episodes)
  2. Fanfic must not be posted elsewhere until after the contest.
  3. Fanfic must be between 1,500 – 3,000 words and must have a clear story (beginning, middle/climax, end)
  4. Entries must be received by May 10th, 2008. Winner will be announced at the start of Season 2 (in August).
  5. Please email your entry to buffybetweenthelines[at] with “Fanfic Contest Submission” as the subject line. Entries can be within the email or attached text/Word files. Please no .docx files.

Winner will be judged on originality, writing skills, capturing the voices of the characters and general “awesomeness”. Please make sure your entry has been proofed before submitting. If you need a beta reader check out:

BBtL to Recast the Entire Scooby Gang.

buffy_season5_cast-1.jpgAfter numerous efforts on behalf of the production team of Buffy Between the Lines, it’s been decided that the whole cast just needs to be recast. Especially Nick, who doesn’t sound a thing like Xander. “Kim and I sat down and talked, and it really was a hard decision, as much as our cast loves this show – they just aren’t cutting it,” producer Tabitha Grace Smith said.

“We really are striving to be the best, and the guy we have playing Spike – he isn’t even British!” Kim said in a follow up statement. Harsh criticism also reigned down on the actress playing Enya, but she was not available for comment.

“I can’t believe it,” Cliss said in a phone interview. “It’s like, all my dreams are dead.” Other cast members expressed shock and amazement. “I knew people didn’t like me, but I didn’t think it would come to this,” said Tasha, who plays Dawn. “That’s extreme Dawn hate.”

“I can’t even stand the guy we have playing Angel. Seriously. The guy can’t pronounce babies correctly,” said Tabitha. “I think we’ll just have Emma do all the roles. She’s got a fantastic voice.”

“I knew we should have stuck to shadow puppets,” said Beth Nelson, Crew Manager for Season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines.

Auditions are being held tomorrow in New York and LA in an attempt to salvage the rest of the series. Click here to find the locations.

Voicemail number change!

Our voicemail line died because no one was calling! 🙁

So we have a new number!


Leave a us a voicemail!

Free PDF of Scott Sigler’s Infected!

infected.jpgHave you been wondering about that creepy eye in our header?

Or the minisode where Javert obtains a very awesome murder weapon?

It’s all about Scott Sigler’s Infected.

Scott Sigler’s new print version of Infected gets released on April 1st, 2008.  Over the next few days, his publisher has allowed him to give away copies of the PDF version of the book for free.

We are helping him do just that.

For more information on Scott and Infected, visit

If you want share the file with friends, get them to download it from this page or from:

By getting the file from that link, it’s proving to the big publishers that we podcasters have a clue about what we are doing.

This file will only be active for a few days, at which time the link will become inactive and you’ll have to go to the bookstore BUY and read the story.  Which you should do anyway.

BBtL Wins best Audio Drama at Podcast Peer Awards

ppa4_winner_large.jpgLos Angeles, CA. Buffy Between the Lines, a fan-created podcast has announced today that it has received the Podcast Peer Award for Best Audio Drama podcast. Nominated and chosen for the award by other podcasters, Buffy Between the Lines’ unique and passionate cast and crew propelled the show into the limelight. All of the finalists were announced this week.

“Buffy Between the Lines is truly a group effort, we pride ourselves in delivering quality entertainment that fans enjoy,” said producer Tabitha Grace Smith. “This honor is to be shared with our international cast and crew who have made it possible.” Over 100 dedicated fans create this weekly podcast that tells stories between the seasons of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Utilizing social media technologies such as Skype, Facebook, LiveJournal, Google Groups and Gmail the cast and crew are able to pull together 12 episodes, plus commentaries, feedback episodes and special “minisodes.”

An instant fan-favorite the podcast gets glowing reviews from die hard fans who are happy to see their show back. “It wasn’t a fanfic years late it felt like an episode of Buffy during the run. You truly did an amazing job and I am so looking forward to the rest of the season. Thank you for keeping the buffyverse alive,” said listener Corey. “We’re very honored. When we first started working on Buffy Between the Lines, Tabitha and I knew it was going to be something big, but we didn’t realize how big it would be,” said co-producer, Kim Butler. “We’re doing this out of love for the show, no one is getting paid and we’re actually spending money to put this production together, but you can see the dedication and hard work that goes into each and every show.”

About Buffy Between the Lines:
Buffy Between the Lines is a fan-based, audio drama podcast that tells stories between the seasons of Buffy. Fans from all parts of the world including South America, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Canada and the US come together to create each episode via technologies such as Skype, Google Groups, blogging and podcasting. Started in Oct of 2006 by Tabitha Grace Smith and Kim Butler, Buffy Between the Lines has become an instant fan phenomenon. Buffy Between the Lines can be found at:

About the Podcast Peer Awards:
The Podcast Peer Awards is an award given to podcasters by fellow podcasters. Established to give recognition to quality podcasts, not just podcasts with large listener bases. The Podcast Peer Awards can be found at:

Need Help Getting Podcasts?

Apple has a great video tutorial on how to get podcasts to iTunes. For those of you who are still listening to the website. Click here to watch it.

Auditions for Season 2

auditions.jpgYou’ve asked. Here’s the dates.

Auditions for Season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines will be March 8 – 21st.

Keep checking back here for more information!

Who are we casting for? Oz, The Mayor, Harmony, Cordelia, Drusilla, Principal Snyder, Anthony Harris (Xander’s Dad), Jessica Harris (Xander’s Mom), Willy the Snitch, Lindsey, Lilah, Gwen Raiden, Amy Madison, Larry, Holland Manners, Pat, Riley Finn and many more.

Do you have questions about the audition process? Click here to see all of the FAQ so you can be prepared to audition.


Firefly: Operation FullBurn is underway!

What is Operation Full Burn?: Operation Full Burn is an operation designed to support the ‘Verse and a Sequel to the BDM.

How does it work?: Simple, between now and the start of the re-airing of the BDS on the Universal HD channel we get as many Browncoats as have ears to sign up to these Universal HD Firefly Fan Forums as we can.

read more | digg story

Buffy Between the Lines’ entry into the Gmail “Your Story” Contest

Edited by Clay Robeson

Made for the Gmail “Your Story” Contest.

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