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BBtLS2Ep012 – Everyone Dies


by Tabitha Grace Smith

When dealing with the Hellmouth one can never be sure what will happen next, but there’s one truth that’s a constant no matter what happens – everyone dies. Angel’s time in hell is interrupted by a mysterious visitor, The Mayor keeps his word and, in the end, everyone dies.

Thanks so much to our special musical guests: Four Star Mary and Marian Call — the Bronze deserves your music always.

BBTLS2KENDRA – What About Kendra?

by Peter/userpjx

Into every generation a slayer dies, but what happens when they do? Follow the journey of Kendra’s training and becoming the slayer. And what happens when another slayer is gone.

BBTLS2Ep011 – The Powers that Be Know Best

episodebanners02ep11by Paul Maki
A mysterious young man who claims to have powers heads towards Sunnydale with Wolfram and Hart close on his heels. But who is he really, and can he truly help find Buffy for the Scooby Gang?


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Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up

BBtLS2APRIL – It’ll Never Happen in Los Angeles

by Tabitha Grace Smith

In this episode we learn why you should never underestimate the chicken, what a late night call from Spike sounds like, and some people get recast. What? You want more? Do you know how hard these episode descriptions are to write? Just listen to the episode and then you’ll know what it’s about. Seesh. I give and I give… and it’s NEVER enough for you people.

BBtLS2Ep010 – I Am Larry

episodebanners02ep10by Laura Deal

After being confronted (accidentally) by Xander, Larry explores his sexuality while saving the world. Once. Meanwhile, Spike and Drusilla’s trip continues down it’s downward spiral and Cordelia begins her trip home.

Intro: James Marsters

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The FarPoint Recap

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Music Composed by Moses Lei

Warning: This episode may contain languge that is offensive to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

BBtLS2Ep009 – The Bartender Always Pours Twice


by Alyrenee

Willy, hero in his own mind, has an adventure of his own – Sam Spade style.

Intro: James Marsters

Special Guest Star: Podcaster and Novelist – Seth Harwood as the Fatman

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BBTLS2Ep008 – Safe at Home


by Beer Good Foamy & Rachel (Redrikki)

The intertwined fates of the Mayor and Faith combine as we see both paths to Sunnydale.


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Special Guest

Thomas Reed – Bitstripper Extraordinare

BBTLS2Ep007 – Invisible Feelings


by Tabitha Grace Smith

Oz is forced to tell the band members about his wolf-ism while Riley is recruited by the Initiative for a very special case.


How to Grow Your Geek

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

BBtLS2Ep006 – Better Safe than Sorry in Sunnydale


Better Safe than Sorry in Sunnydale
by Sue O’Donovan & Beth Nelson

Pat invites Joyce to join her book club and they seem to be other than normal. A strange disappearance seems to confirm Joyce’s suspicions. Can the scoobies help her save Kelly in time? Meanwhile Tara deals with her family and her mother’s death.

Intro: J.C. Hutchins
Cue the Film
The Signal Season 5

BBtLS2Ep005 – A Different View

by Liane U. & Tabitha Grace Smith

Willow’s magic spell backfires with unusual results, leading to the touching lament of Buffy’s absence by someone special. Across the sea, Wesley struggles to find himself outside of his father’s oppression.

Intro by Tee Morris –
Promo for The Company Podcast –
Geek Cred –

Too Quiet – oldDog
Sad and Lonely – David Beard Caissa

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