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BBTLS2HAL2 – Halloween Minisode: Angel’s Lament

by Kim Butler

In this special Halloween mini-sode we explore Angel’s time in a hell dimension. Or is he?


Goldilocks and the Fortress – Kim (the comic book goddess)

Restless Spirit Underscore – David Beard

The Unknown Halloween Version – Savant Trigger

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BBTLS2Ep004 – Say Uncle

by Kim Butler & Rae Purdom

Willow, Xander, and Oz attempt to find solace in the Mayor’s special 4th of July celebration of Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Harmony gets time in the pageant spotlight while Xander is roped into sitting on the judging panel. And what Sunnydale event is complete without a few monsters (and squirrels)?

Intro: Felicia Day

Promos: the Boobcast

Estalvin’s Legacy SF Audio Drama

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BBtLS2Ep003 – Green is the New Black

by Emma Rawlin & Rachel Ruzzo

Willow’s spell to return Angel’s soul targets interest within Michael’s coven, much to Amy’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Lilah starts working in Special Projects on the matter of Angel’s disappearance and things are going status quo for Wolfram & Hart… And by status quo we mean deception, backstabbing and random law suits.
Intro by Brad Bowyer from Podculture & The Geek Spin



Short Cummings

BBTLS2DCON – It’ll Never Happen at DragonCon

Some of the Cast/Crew of BBtL (we never could corral them all into the same picture)

(L to R First Row Kneeling: Clinton [The Mayor], Kinsey [Jinx] Kevin Bachelder [The Narrator], Larissa [Mrs. Rosenberg], Rachel [Con Goer], Ginger Campbell [Reporter], Suzi [Con Goer])

(L to R Second Row: David Moore [Con Goer] & Berengaria [Reporter])

(L to R Third Row: P. Bing [Lilah], Brian Brown [Giles], Tabz [Anya], Kim [Buffy], Emma [Drusilla], Cliss [Tara], Mad [Willow], Kim/ComicBookGoddess [Reporter])

(L to R Back Row: Clay [Angel] & Lisa T. [Cordelia])

Intro Bumper by Shua Mullikin of the Anatomy of Fear Podcast Novel

Podcast Disclaimer by Nobilis of the Nobilis Erotica podcast

This episode was written by Tabitha Grace Smith and performed live at DragonCon 2008 in the Podcasting Track.

Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith

Featuring Special Guest Crystal

BBtLS2Ep002 – Living La Vida Cordy

Living La Vida Cordy
by Lauratd

Things do not go well for the Chase family on their vacation to Mexico, and there’s a run-in with some old friends. Maybe life isn’t all sun, fun and postcards?

Intro by: Trent from the Manners Cast


Squint Squad podcast

Young Junius

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BBtLS2Ep001 – Proceed as Planned

Proceed as Planned
by Tabitha Grace Smith

Buffy heads out of Sunnydale and on her trip to LA meets a very strange girl. Xander, Willow and Oz have to deal with Sunnydale High without Buffy. Dru wakes up as Spike makes his way to South America. Can the scoobies survive life being *gasp* normal?

Intro: P.G. Holyfield – Murder at Avedon Hill

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