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BBTLS1SpEp011 – Special Commentary for The Powers that Be Know Best

Join Nuchtchas as she talks with Kim (executive producer), Paul Maki (Writer/Actor), Steve “The Beast” (Jeff), and Jose (Editor) as they discuss Episode 11 – The Powers that Be Know Best!

This episode was edited by Kinsey Swartz

BBtLS2 – Hiatus (We Died Twice)

Buffy Between the Lines is taking a break over the summer while the cast and crew work on Angel Between the Lines. We’ll be back in September to finish out season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines.

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Oh, and here’s what some of the cast and crew did on their summer vacation:


BBTLS2BLOOP3 – Blooper Episode!

This episode was edited by Laura ED and features bloopers from Episodes 6-10 (and the April Fool’s Minisode).

The producers would like to point out that comments made in this episode are not reflective on the opinions of Between the Lines Studios and we can’t advocate death threats against animate or inanimate objects.

Music featured is “Pipe Dreams” by Celtic Fusion.

BTEHIGHSCHOOL – Between the Episodes: What Happens in Highschool…

Buffy Between the Lines presents a story Between the Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This story takes place between School Hard and Inca Mummy Girl.

Written by Heidi Jenkins
Edited by John N.
Daughter – Crystal
Mother – Nuchtchas

BBTLS2SpEp010 – Commentary on I Am Larry Blaisdell

Join Kim as she talks with Lauratd (writer), Dan (Michael), P.G. Holyfield (Pete), Crystal (SFX), Andy (Larry), and Tabz (Executive Producer) as they discuss BBtL Season 2 Episode 10 – I Am Larry Blaisdell.

BBtLS2SpEp009 – Special Commentary on the Bartender Always Pours Twice


Join Kevin Cummings as he talks with Ellie B. (Julie the vampire), Larissa (Assistant Producer), Andy (SFX Crew), Volo (Gwen Raiden) and Daryl Blasi (Willy the Snitch). Learn what an assistant producers do, why it’s fun to be a non-canon character, who was envisioning Gwen Raiden’s costumes, when sound effects are found, where Andy met Spike (okay Nick Edwards), and so much more.

BBTLS2SpEp008 – Special Commentary on Safe at Home

Join suziqb77 as she talks with Erin Moore and Mark (the Encaffeinated One) as they discuss Buffy Between the Lines Season 2 Episode 008 – Safe at Home.

The Game Master Show
The Weird Show
The 9th – A Heroes Cast

BBtLS2SpEp007 – Commentary for Invisible Feelings

Join Crystal, Alex (LOL Demon), Scott Tofte (Riley), Tabz (Writer/Producer), Scarlett M. (Diane Espen), Andrew Ball (Lindsey), Kim (Producer/Editor), Jason N. (Betta George/Editor), and Joe Wilkicki (Devon).

Links Mentioned:

Gypsy Audio

Geek By Night

Voices of Babylon

Buffy Between the Lines

It’s Compelling!

BBtLS2TURTLES – Interview with (some) of the Beatnik Turtle


We sit down and talk with the band behind the Buffy Between the Lines Theme song about writing music, the band, writing a book, being creative and their upcoming kid’s album. Please be sure to check them out at their website.

Additional Links:

Beatnik Turtle’s Facebook Terrarium

Follow the Turtles on Twitter

Buy the albums on iTunes (along with the BBtL Theme) [Link opens in iTunes Music Store]

BBTLS2SpEp006 – Commentary for Better Safe Than Sorry

Join Brian Brown (Giles), Barbara Jungbauer (Joyce), Beth Nelson (writer), Sue O’Donovan (writer), Nathaniel (Mr. McClay), and Cliss (Tara) as they discuss Buffy Between the Lines Season 2 episode “Better Safe Than Sorry in Sunnydale”.

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