What is Buffy Between the Lines?
Buffy Between the Lines is a fan-created audio drama. It’s created, written and produced by Buffy the Vampire fans from around the world. Each season focuses on the “summer” spaces between the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our first season is between seasons five and six. Season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines takes place between Seasons two and three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What’s a podcast?
A podcast is like radio on the internet, only you get to decide when and where you listen to it. For more information podcasting check out this page by Jill Arroway

Need help getting podcast on iTunes? Check out this tutorial video from Apple.

Is this official canon?
No, as much as we’d like to be Joss Whedon – this is a fan created content. We tried our best to fit within the established canon of Joss Whedon’s universe, but it’s our own interpretation of what happened between the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We reserve the right to be Jossed by Joss Whedon in the Buffy Season 8 comics or any upcoming Buffy stories from Joss himself.

What’s with the commercials?
We’re trying to emulate the TV show. TV shows have commercial breaks.

Also, we’re trying to expose people who haven’t listened to podcasts to other podcasts they might enjoy. A big part of our listener base is new to podcasts and, with this format you can’t just skip over them (which a lot of people want to do). We’ve already got a couple listeners who are now trying out other shows.

Why write fanfic when you can create your own stories?
For all of the writers of Buffy Between the Lines, the answer might be different. The general answer is because we love Buffy and want the stories to continue. We’re not the first fanfic writers and won’t be the last.

Are you guys making money on this?
Nope, not a penny. We’ve actually spent money to make this (to pay for hosting, website domain, mics, programs, etc).

Can I help with the production?
While the writers and cast for season 1 and the writers for season 2 have been selected, there’s always room for help. Send an email to the producers at buffybetweenthelines @ gmail[dot]com.

Where did you find these actors?
Back in June-July of 2007 we had an open casting call for auditions for Season 1. We received hundreds of mp3 files and they all went through the same selection process. Some of the parts that had more auditions were put up to vote between the writers and crew members. Before each season (or series) we’ll hold open casting call for additional roles needed. As much as possible we try to keep actors (So Xander is always played by Chris O).

Did you know that _____ sounds EXACTLY like ______?
Yep, believe me – some of our characters are so exact that it scares us.

Did you know that _____ doesn’t sound at all like the actor?
Yep, not all of our actors are exact copies of the original actors. We actually were looking for people who could capture the “essence” of a character, so even if Anya doesn’t sound like Emma Caufield she still sounds like Anya might sound if cast differently.

How do I email _______?
Simply email buffybetweenthelines[at]gmail.com, if it’s for a specific member of the cast or crew, we’ll pass it along.

Why isn’t it Giles saying “Previously on Buffy Between the Lines?”

‘Cuz we have an announcer.

Did you know that the doorbell sound for the Summers house is completely wrong?
Yes, but if we used the exact doorbell sound (or any other sound/music from Buffy the Vampire slayer) we’d get sued. And you don’t want that to happen do you?

Those footsteps took far too long to reach the door from the kitchen, in the Summers house, the dimensions are…
You have way too much time on your hands.

Why is the sound quality really bad in some places?
We have about 65-100 actors all over the globe so not all of the recordings can be top-of-line professional. We’re all doing this with our own money and our own equipment and some of us haven’t done any recording before Buffy Between the Lines. We really preferred passion over professionalism.

Will there be more Buffy Between the Lines? Angel? Firefly?
As long as the producers, cast and crew don’t get tired – we do plan on all of those things and much more.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
“Poe wrote on both” and “they both have inky quills.”

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  1. Scot W. Stevenson says:

    Actually, that is not why a raven is like a writing desk. See


    It was a joke that didn’t survive the proofreader.

    Now, about those dimensions of the Summers’ house …

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