Below are the files for the scripts of each episode. You’ll need a PDF reader such as the FREE Adobe PDF reader to open the files.

Season 1

Episode 001 – Beginning at the End. PDF.

Episode 002 – Requiem for a Demon PDF.

Episode 003 – Never Go Up Against a Sorcerer When Death is On the Line PDF.

Episode 004 – Ctrl + Alt + Del PDF

Episode 005 – She’s More Than That PDF

Episode 006 – Followed Footsteps PDF

Episode 007 – Fractures, Frogs and Fuzzy Sweaters PDF

Episode 008 – The Other Half of Me PDF

Episode 009 – A Dish Served Cold PDF

Episode 010 – Summers Women Should Never Celebrate Birthdays PDF

Episode 011 – Oldies Night PDF

Episode 012 – A Slayer’s Job is Never Done PDF

April Fool’s Episode – It’ll Never Happen in Sunnydale PDF

Thanksgiving Episode – Reason to Be Thankful PDF

Halloween Episode – Board to Death PDF

Christmas Episode – A Winter’s Tale PDF

Infected Minisode – PDF

Season 2

Episode 001 – Proceed as Planned PDF.

Episode 002 – Living La Vida Cordy PDF.

Episode 003 – Green is the New Black PDF.

Episode 004 – Say Uncle PDF.

Episode 005 – A Different View PDF

Episode 006 – Better Safe than Sorry in Sunnydale PDF

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